Plant Killer!

I have the opposite of what some people call a "green thumb." Instead of keeping plants alive, I somehow always manage to kill them. Remember those pretty pictures I took of tulips a couple days ago? [see pictures of them by clicking here] Well they are starting to shrivel up and die. Not cool.

Once I kept a plant half alive for almost a year!

Someday I want to have a garden, because fresh fruits and veggies are so yummy. And probably more nutritious. But I'm afraid that I'll spend all this time planting and watering, and in the end, nothing will grow... Because I am cursed. I have a red thumb instead of a green one.

Here are some more pictures [click to enlarge]:

P.s. I'm pregnant.

P.p.s. April Fools!



Anonymous said...

I thought you were pregnant & I was ecstatic. Then a complete downfall of mood. My shoulders even slumped after i read that..

-val your eager to be an aunt sister

Baylen & Mariana said...

Somehow you manage to make even dead plants look beautiful! By the way..aladdin totally rocks and i definitely have tons of disney songs on my itunes!

Cailey said...

haha well they still look pretty, the way you take pictures of them! ;)

tori b. said...

so I read this today. not on april fools day. so when i got to the bottom and so that little announcement, i got really excited and i gasped. i wasn't expecting to be tricked. i got a little sad when i read april fools. that's all.