Home For the Holiday

John and I went to Utah for Thanksgiving, and boy was it great. We had a lot of fun with my family, and we ate some deliciously amazing food. My sister Vanessa is going to culinary school, so a lot of the deliciousness was thanks to her.

Isn't she just soo cute!?

She cooked the yummiest turkey I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Also some awesome fresh cranberry sauce.

During our trip, we went out to the movies, played board games, ate food, went shooting, at more food, visited good friends, made homemade pies, and played with my new favorite puppy Ace. It was a much needed break. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get myself back into school mode before the semester is over!

Here are some photos from our day of thanks:

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. :]



I've never been the type of person that gets nightmares. I have the occasional creepy/sad dream, maybe once every few months.

The last week, my dreams have ALL been nightmares. The creeeeeepy kind that you wake up screaming from. They are so vivid and just totally messed up. Here are a few of them:

Dream #1: Jack Black tried to stab me multiple times. I was trying to protect my sister who had told him his baby was ugly. Apparently that's his soft spot, because he was very angry.

Dream #2: While spelunking in caves, my family and I stumbled into Satan himself. Enough said [I don't even want to go into the details on this one].

Dream #3: I found a creepy old man in my bed, with his cold clammy hand reaching for my throat.

As you can imagine, I haven't been sleeping very well.

The only thing that has changed in my life since I started having these dreams is new medication. I started taking Beta Blockers [to slow down my heart], because I went up a dose in my thyroid pills [which make my heart race faster than it already does]. Could they be the cause of bad dreams? I'll have to google it.

So I'm really tired. And worn out. And I'm really ready for Thanksgiving break.

Sorry, this has been an unhappy post. Here are some photos I just found on my computer that made my day a lot brighter. My beautiful little sisters [who I would take a stabbing for]:

And here's a cute one, so you can reference what they actually look like :

I miss you two twinners.

Happy Tuesday :}


Oh, here is an update!

You know what drives me crazy? Having to depend on other people to do my job. Other people sometimes aren’t very dependable. You can only ask someone to hurry up and do something so many times... I just hate that sometimes my work isn't as effective because I'm waiting for other people to do things that I can't do. Frustrating right?

In other news, I just finished page 24 of a semester long paper, more to come.

Also, I'm an officer in the Photographics Society, and I gave a presentation yesterday on taking children’s portraits. I gave 8 tips to get good pictures of kids. I also provided some adorable pictures I have taken of children as proof that my tips work. I got lots of "Oooh's," and "So CUTE's". I also showed a sweet editing trick and was told it was like I was working magic–so I think it went quite well [download presentation pdf with the tips here].

It’s been sooooo Cooooold lately! I’ve been wishing I was here:
All warm and tan and freckled! I’d like to be there with this handsome guy:

We’d be eating fresh mango with chili powder, sun bathing, reading, and taking occasional dips in the warm ocean!

[these photos are from our delicious anniversary trip to Can Cun, Mexico.]

Can't wait for Thanksgiving break!


Boot Envy

I'm not perfect.

I have many weaknesses. One of my biggest weaknesses is boots.

I'm in love with boots, they are so fun to wear, and they make me look all stylish. They keep my little toes warm and dry, and they make me feel all grown up and gorgeous.

I have 5 pairs of boots. 5! Who needs that many pairs of boots? The real question is, do those 5 pairs satisfy me? My answer: no.

It's that time of year where the air gets chilly and every girl who owns boots brings them out to play. Which means that I get to see all these cute boots when I'm walking around campus, which means I get very envious. I start feeling like I need to go buy another pair.

Hello, I don't have any gray ones yet!!! I may or may not want these:

[They cost $150... Luckily, John helps me with my self control when boots are involved.]

Boot envy is not something I'm proud of, but I think that maybe if I admit I have it, I'll be able to overcome it.

So, here goes nothing:

My name is Sara Tranberg, and I am addicted to cute boots!