Oh, hi!

My life as of late, in pictures! [you might have seen some of them on facebook/instagram.]

I've been admiring my ring a lot.
Frisbee Anyone!?
Just a little afternoon tanning. No biggie.
Sometimes I like to take photos of my cute husband.
Roasting starburst... Yep.
Last Thursday there were rainbows everywhere!
Home made salsa!
New grown up job! [More on this to come]
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmini eggs :)
A home made salad from heaven!
Got my hair cut and curled.
Sometimes I play Draw Something... This is one of John's drawings.
I admire blossoms pretty often.
And sometimes I admire my earrings.


The Dotsons

This is the most adorable family I have ever photographed.


Welcome to the 21st Century

I have been warmly welcomed to the 21st century [thanks Julie]! Why? Because I got a smart phone!

Since we were poor, I never upgraded my old crappy phone to a smart phone. I didn't have 30 extra dollars a month to pay for data... I told myself for the longest time that they were overrated, and that I was doing just fine with my non-internet phone. Who needs Apps anyway!?

But then I saw advertisements for the iphone 4s. It looked so cool, and it had Siri, which was like a free personal secretary. But I thought, oh, I bet the voice recognition sucks. And then my brother got one, and he let me play around with it, and I realized that maybe it wasn't overrated. But I was still poor. So I did nothing.

And then this thing happened. This thing is BIG NEWS, and now that it is official, I think it's safe to announce on the blog. No, I'm not pregnant [sorry Valerie & Vanessa, I didn't mean to get your hopes up]. The big news is: I GOT OFFERED A REAL, BIG GIRL, FULL-TIME WEB DESIGN JOB! With benefits! Making real, good money. I start in less than two weeks. :)

And then, I realized that I wasn't going to be super poor anymore. And I gave in. I rewarded myself with an iPhone. And so far, we are inseparable. I love it [sorry Mariana].



Sarah & Michael

I love these two! Enough said.

Here are a few of my favorites from today's photo shoot:


Practicing My Golf Swing

Last week our landlords came to visit. They did a bunch of work on the house, and did yard work. We didn't mind!

My favorite thing they installed is a garage opener. Wow, you don't realize how nice those are until you have to go without. I swear, opening and shutting that giant door by hand was almost the death of me a few times. I'm just a small little tyke, what did you expect?

We have this entryway into our home, it's between the garage and the house. It wasn't finished when we moved in. You could see up into the attic, and the floor was just the wood that goes on the bottom of everything. But the owners hired someone to come finish it. It still needs to be painted, but it's awesome. They put in the green stuff that looks sort of like fake grass. Perfect for putting:

Last night, I was inside reading while John was outside causing mischief. He came in and told me to come out, because he wanted to show me something. So I put my book down and went out into our new entryway. And we began a game of PIG. 

In case you don't know the rules: we traded off choosing what type of shot we could make. If the ball went into the cup, than the other person had to make that shot too. If they don't succeed, then they get a letter. Whoever spells PIG first looses. I put up an amazing fight, and surprised both John and myself with how well I could put the ball into the cup. But in the end I lost. 

John showed me his skills by hitting practice balls across the entryway and into his hat:

It was a fun/spontaneous date night :)


An Easter Card

I designed this Easter Card for two of my best friends [both are serving LDS missions in California]. I created the bunny using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

I think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Is it web portfolio worthy?


Senior Grad Announcement

Just in case you missed it, I'm working at a photo studio! Karl Hugh takes most of the photos, and I re-touch them. I also create beautiful designs with his beautiful pictures.

Here is a senior Announcement I designed recently:

How does it look?


A Fun Weekend

Our weekend was filled with wonderful things:
• Great weather on Saturday [75 degrees!]
• Yard work
• Cute designs
• Enlightenment from our church [general conference]
• Sunday snow [32 degrees!]
• Delicious food
• Great company
• And beautiful blossoming trees: