And So it Begins!

The semester started off with a bang, and I have a feeling things are going to be go go go from here on out. I love all of my classes though, so I don't mind being busy.

I'm taking a digital imaging class, which is amazing, and I love it. I took some quick pics for class today and wanted to share a couple:

Isn't the sky beautiful? If there is one thing I love about Rexburg, it's the sky. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen have been here. 

If there is one thing I hate about Rexburg, it's the wind! Ahhhhh, it won't go away, no matter how many times I tell it to!

Today as I was riding my new baby blue bike (pictures will come soon) home from school, I turned a corner and WHAM! I just about got knocked off the bike because the wind decided to blow a gajillion miles an hour in my direction. I'm not a very heavy girl, even with the 20 extra pounds, and those wind gusts get me every time. I felt like I was riding up a very steep hill, because the wind was blowing against me. 

Good news: my legs got a nice workout.
Bad news: I was all nasty sweaty by the time I got home...

Well, time to get back to my homework. 


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