Over One Year Down & Forever to Go!

The beach outside our Hotel!

Okay! So today is the last day of August. Time just keeps flying by. John and I have been married for over a year now. It feels like quite an accomplishment. I know that we are still technically considered newlyweds. But here in the little college town of BYU-Idaho, being married a year is quite impressive. It's like here, the newlywed term lasts for about five or six months, by the time you reach a year, you've been married longer than most other people around, because not very many stay in Rexburg after graduation.

For our One Year Anniversary, we went to Can Cun Mexico! It was such an amazing trip. We had been working so hard with school, it was finally over, and then I was working like all the time! I just needed a break from reality for a while, and that is just what I got in Mexico. We basically lived on the beach. We read, tanned swam in the ocean, played in the waves, took nice dips in the pool, and tried not to spend any money (which we did quite well). John was as sweet as ever, if not more so, seeing as it was a special vacation celebrating out love. One thing he did I never want to forget. See, John is a tough guy, you know, lots of guys are, they don't like the lovey dovey cheesy stuff. But every once and a while I like a little cheesy sweetness, and he always humors me because he knows I like it. But this was seriously like so sweet. We were taking a break from the sun one afternoon, just reading in the airconditioned room. When all of the sudden he gets out of bed and opens the sliding door out to the balcony, he turns to me and smiles. "Our song" was playing down by the pool. He pulled me off the bed and out to the balcony and we danced :)

I love him so much. Every day I find more reasons that I'm glad I married him. He makes me happier than I have ever been, and I hope I do the same for him. I'm sure I could work on some things!

So other than that, the 7 weeks between semesters hasn't been too exciting. I've been working a lot while john gives his hours away and goes golfing or fishing. I don't mind that he is out doing what he loves, but sometimes I get jealous--particularly because I am just getting really sick of my job. I dread going in every day. I need to change my attitude quick style because it's becoming unbearable. Once school starts I'll have more things to do and I'll want to go even less! And then the holidays will come, and all I will want is to be with my family, but of course retail likes to make you work everyday of the year minus one: Christmas. At least we get that off......... Okay I'm getting mad thinking about it. New subject.

Sarah Shaver is getting married tomorrow!!! I made her announcements for the wedding and she really loved it. I'll post it so you can see it:
 I love designing things like that, which is why I plan to have a business on the side when I'm older and have kids making wedding announcements and taking pictures etc. It makes me happy to make other people happy, and I really enjoy the whole design process. Anyway, we leave tomorrow morning so that we'll make it to the wedding and then there is a reception that night. I'm really excited for her. I'm also really excited to see the Shaver's. They are my favorite family (other than my own) on the whole earth!!!! :)

I also made my old roommate and good friend Rustelle's announcements. She got married on Friday, and I took pictures at the temple and the reception. I got some pretty good ones. Here are a few of my favorites:

Well, I've been reading Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series. Supposedly it's a teen book, but I enjoyed the series, and I think it's time for me to get back to reading!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the thoughts on my mind that are now written on the world that is the internet!


#1: Took my first ever wedding photos
#2: Took my ring to Jensen Jewlers and it will be returned to me Thursday morning, looking brand new, but I'll feel naked until it's back on my finger.
#3: John and I took our first camping trip together, we made delicious meals over the fire, but went home halfway through the night because of a ginormous wind storm!
#4: I spent three days and nights without John when he went up to visit his sister in Montana. First time apart since we were married, I did quite well on my own actually, although I missed him quite a bit.
#5: School starts next Thursday!!!! Ah. Don't know if I'm ready yet, but either way it's coming up quick.

The End.