Small & Insignificant?

Doesn't this picture make you feel small and insignificant? I sort of feel that way when I look at it. I mean think about it, we live on a huge place and we are so tiny compared to it. There are billions of people living on this earth, yet there are miles and miles and miles of open space! It's crazy!

If you feel small looking at that photo, try taking a look at these:

Hubble Captures View of
Source: Hubblesite.org

Source: Hubblesite.org

There are so many other solar-systems, in so many other galaxies! Imagine what it would be like to travel through space. It would be such an adventure! But there is so much to see... Our universe is very large. It's like infinitely large.

With all that space, it seems like each individual life on our planet should be meaningless.

But we aren't meaningless. We matter. Each individual in our little solar system, on our little planet, living on our tiny continents, in our itty bitty houses can make a difference. Our lives do matter.

I believe that we are sons and daughters of a loving God who knows and cares for us individually. He created this vast place that we call home. He knows it all, and He knows us.

We might be small, but we are NOT insignificant.


k and p said...

I love it when thoughts like this come into my mind. We are so blessed!

Mom said...

So true, Sara!!