All Moved In... Almost!

Why hello there!

It feels like it has been sooo long since I last posted. In reality it has only been 4 days, but we have accomplished a lot in those four short days.

We packed up our life in Colorado Springs, we fit it all into a trailer, and the back of a suburban/boneville.  We cleaned. Then we drove, and drove, and drove.

After ten and a half hours of driving, we made it to Rexburg. Then we unpacked the trailer in the wind and rain. At least it wasn't snow!

Then we unpacked the boxes [most of them].

The good news is, we have a spare bedroom. We are moving up in the world! We have only ever lived in one bedroom apartments, so the extra space is nice.

There are a few things I absolutely love about our new apartment. The first is window light. We have four windows! My favorite one is in the kitchen. I have never had a window in my kitchen before. I love the natural light coming in while I clean and cook. Plus we have a beautiful view of the temple from our bedroom window.

The second thing I love is the closet space. In our previous apartments, we have only had the one closet in our bedroom. I have a total of 5 closets in this apartment! It's amazing! Everything has a home :)

The only thing I don't like is the living room. It's a really weird space. No matter how I arrange the furniture, it looks funny. The room is too long and skinny.

Also: the apartment has a washer and dryer included at no extra cost. Praise the heavens and all that is holy! I actually enjoy doing laundry now that I don't have to haul it across the city to Erica's house slash up the hill at our old complex.

Sorry, this post probably sounds like an advertisement for our apartment, but I just want you all to know that I'm falling in love with my apartment. No big deal.


Oh you want to see some pictures? Okay, here you go! See what I mean about the window light:

I'm actually really excited to be back in Rexburg, nasty cold wind and all. School starts tomorrow, and I have a feeling it's going to be a great semester! Wish me luck :)


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Cailey said...

Cute nice little place! and I'm jealous, I dont have a window in my house! We have several windows, but,... most of the morning, the sunshine is all blocked. *sighs* thats awesome. Good luck with your next sem! I'll be finishing mine here in next two weeks *eeek!*, then start the Summer May 16th... bleh!

Baylen & Mariana said...

The temple view sounds so, so nice! I'm glad you're happy to be back. Baylen & i will come visit one day.

Mom said...

It looks cute, Sara! Glad to hear your getting all settled! It was fun to be part of your moving adventure! How was your first day of school?