T minus One Day

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last wrote! Holy Hannah, so much has happened... Well, there is no point in putting it off, so I'll just tell you--I'm Pregnant!!!!! (not) okay so I'm just kidding but I made your heart skip a beat didn't I? You totally believed it for a second and you got really pissed off that you were finding out in my blog, and not from me in person. Just admit it! (I'm not really sure who "you" are, since I'm pretty sure nobody ever reads this blog, especially as of late since I haven't written in ages but oh well.)

Summer semester is basically over for me, which is SUCH a relief! I just have a couple things that I need to do tomorrow and then I'm Done. This has been the hardest semester of my life (schoolwise) but I think I've also learned the most. Since I'm basically done with all the generals, I'm getting into the major stuff, which is what I love. It's a big challenge, but I've loved all of my projects. This semester, one of the biggest things I've learned is that time is my worst enemy, but if I pace myself, and figure out how long I need to complete certain things, I can turn it into one of my strengths.

I had six classes this semester, they were Graphic Design, Visual Media, Advertising, Media Law and Ethics, Church History, and Comm 100 [taken a little late :)].  It was hard to balance all that out with work, homework, sleeping, eating, and John time, but I made it through. Balance is another thing that I've struggled with, and I think most people do, but I think overall I did a pretty good job. I believe I will have all A's and A-'s, possibly a B or B+ in Graphic Design (it was a super tough class--the boot camp of design is what my teacher called it). Either way, I'm pretty sure I will be awarded a half tuition scholarship for the next two semesters!! So that will be really nice.

This week I've been having crazy dreams again. John says I've been doing really weird things in my sleep too. Like last night he woke up and I was like grasping his shoulder and rubbing it. One night I had recurring dreams with different settings, but in every single one I was being hunted by a rapter! It was terrifying! Maybe it's because I've been stressed with school, but all I know is that in one of my dreams my best friend got her head bitten by a rapter while she was sitting on my living room couch. Worst dream ever!

I went to school and work today, and I just have no motivation to study for my last final tomorrow. I should also really clean my apartment....this is me putting everything off............................................ My feet hurt! What happened to my motivation? It would really only take 15 or twenty minutes to clean up the place. And I don't even have that much to study, but I just feel like sitting here.... Have you ever noticed yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do when you are trying to put things off? Normally I start deep cleaning when I'm putting off homework... That's when you know that I really don't want to do something--I start cleaning heardcore!

Here is another question I was thinking about this morning in the shower. Is it just me, or does everybody follow the same routine in the shower? For me it's wash the face, shampoo, conditioner (let it soak in while I do the next few steps), wash the bod, shave (usually every other day), and then rinse the hair. I do this every time without fail. Okay actually sometimes I switch and save the conditioner for last, but not much anymore. And then I realized I dry off with my towel in basically the same way every time! All of this is subconscious, but it's so interesting to see the habits that I form and don't even know about. I wonder if it's like that for most people, or if I'm just a weirdo.... John has the same shower routine, but I haven't asked him about the dry off thing. Hmmmmm... If anyone reads this they should put a comment and tell me.

I think that I need to stay in better contact with my family, especially immediate, but extended as well. Life gets so busy and sometimes I lose track of what's going on with people, but that is not good. Family is my number one, so I need to improve on keeping them a bigger part of my life.

Wow, my blog is just all over the place today. I think maybe my brain is fried. Maybe it's the
Spaghetti O's I ate a little while ago? Who knows. Either way, I should probably get going, you probably stopped reading by now anyway. Maybe I'll clean and then do some homework. Maybe I won't... I just really want to watch the Bachelorette! But I have to wait for John to get home, and he won't be home until 10, so we might have to watch it tomorrow, but it's just going to be so intense! Ahhhhhhhh!

Okay Chau Amigos.


#1. I finished [almost] another great semester in college.
#2. I've been working at K-Mart for a year and three months today.
#3. One of my final posters for my design class got chosen as one of the best to be hung up on the wall in the Art building.
#4. I love Photoshop (okay, maybe that is a fact, not an adventure, but I just think it deserves a spot.)
#5. I want a puppy (again not an adventure, but it's my blog so I'll write what I want thanks.)
#6. I bought some Ovaltine! Haven't had that stuff in forever! It reminds me of my great grandma :)