Meditation & Sunburns

My family came to visit this week! They are going to help us move back to Rexburg.

Yesterday I took them to see the sights, and we all got sunburnt. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I'm so grateful that they were willing to come help us out.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Next time I blog, I'll be an idahoan! :)


Anonymous said...

One of the nice things about having a big family,, is that you can get help with moving!!! Will you miss CO or are you anxious to get back to ID. Great pics as usual,,,good luck with the move. Love JT

Cailey said...

Wait... I thought you were living in Rexburg before? I guess I didnt catch when you moved. Well, someday I'd like to move back to Idaho :) AWESOME pictures. I love reading your blogs, especially at work haha :)

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting. :)
I loooove the kinect!!! I'm coming back in a couple months so i can play it and stay in my own room in your apartment since you have two now. & also to see you.. i guess. We'll have to beat john in Setters of Catan sooner or later & wipe that smug smile off his face. ;) Don't worry, helping you wasn't too bad. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Looove youuu!

-val your dedicated reader

Sara T. said...

JT (Judy right?): It was so nice having my family come to help. I don't know what I would have done without them! I'll definitely miss Colorado, but I'm excited to be back.

Cailey: We were living in Rexburg, but we went to Colorado Springs for John's internship. We moved back just in time for school to start! And I'm glad you read my blog and enjoy the pictures. It makes the time I spend on writing and taking pictures seem worth it :)

Val: I'm glad you like our possessions (apartment, Settlers of Catan, Kinect, etc, etc.). Thanks for commenting. Keep them coming. I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO.