My mother-in-law Sandra bought me some tulips while she was visiting. 
So naturally I had to take some pictures:

Aren't they beautiful?

Plants are simply amazing, and amazingly simple. They are like us in a lot of ways. They need nourishment, water, and sometimes a little tender care. They flourish when given love, and when treated properly. They can't grow in certain places, some situations are just not ideal. But once they find the right soil, and the right amount of light, they grow strong and they multiply. Not to mention they smell delicious (although, not all of us do).

Just an interesting thought.

In other business: I'm thinking about starting an Etsy shop sometime in the future selling canvas prints of some of my nature shots [like the ones above]. You know the kind that you wrap around a square? Sort of like this, except the print would wrap around the edges:

Photo from Fineartamerica.com

Would you be interested in buying something like that? Do you know anyone that would be? Or even in just buying the print so that you can frame it yourself? I want to start making some money, but I don't know for sure how. This is just one of my ideas. 

Do you think I should try it?


kelsie rae. said...

yeah for etsy shops! you should totally start one!

Anonymous said...

I would!

Cailey said...

Ya that would be pretty cool. I'm sure people would want your pictures. You have some really cool and inspiring pictures, you really do capture the beauty!!! :o)

Rustelle said...

Yes, I will! But don't make them too expensive. I'm just a poor little college kid! :D

Jessica said...

Of course you should try it! Your stuff is amazing and would for sure sell!