Family Photos!

Meet the Family of my friend Sarah Luke. They asked me to take some family photos for them, so we went to the gardens at BYU-Idaho. The photo above might be my very favorite. It makes me laugh out loud every single time I look at it [hint: look at the little girl in the middle]!

Big groups are tough to photograph, especially when kids are involved! But this family was great. They were super fun and willing to make it work. Plus, good looking people always make for good photos.

Our only problem was that the only time they were available all together was at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Can you say terrible light!? Luckily we found a little bit of shade :)


We Are Bikers!

During this past semester, John and I had to find ways to relax and have fun together in short amounts of time. We were both really busy, and so it was important for us to find time for each other. One thing we found a love for is bike rides.

Before the semester began, John and I decided that we weren't going to buy a parking permit. We chose to move to a new place closer to campus, and save gas by riding bikes every day–rain or shine. It was definitely a great decision! Good for the environment too :) Oh and for our legs. And bottoms. And we didn't have to stress out about parking and getting to class on time.

It also reminded me how much I miss riding a bike. When I was younger, my friends and I would get on our bikes and go. It didn't matter where, but it was so fun to explore our growing city. We weren't old enough to drive, and bikes were the next best thing.

So when Jaunito and I needed some together time, we ditched our homework and hit the roads. We explored new parts of Rexburg that we didn't even know existed. We found beautiful sights, and got in some good exercise too.

Here are some photos from one of our exciting rides in Rexburg [click to enlarge]:

 Want to know a secret? That toe nail polish was purchased in Jamaica, and it changes colors in the sun! No joke. It's just clear sparkles indoors. Sweeeeeet!


Sunsets & Engagements

Don't worry, I'm not some sort of creepster that takes photos of random people kissing on R mountain as the sun is descending... The man in this photo is my cousin, and he asked me to capture him asking his new fiance Erika to marry him. She said yes! Congratulations to the new couple! :)

It was a magical moment, and even though conditions weren't ideal for photos [the sun was almost gone, and I was pretty far away from them] I think I got some great photos. Thank goodness my sweet husband carried my tripod up the old volcano!

Here are a couple more [click to enlarge]:


I'm Just Not A Builder

So it's finals week, and I decided that if I don't take a break from my homework, I'll probably die. This post is my break. Don't worry, I'm breathing deeply as I type [breathe in............aaaaand breathe out].

I'm so sorry that all you ever hear from me lately is school, school, and more school. It's just dominating my life this semester. And I'm loving the learning. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm ready for the 7 week break to be here! Family Vacations, oh how I love thee!

Last week John went on a hike with some of his friends, and I had to stay home and do the dreaded h word [homework]. He was gone all day and into the night, and I was getting lonely! But don't worry, when he got home he had the most beautiful wildflowers in hand, picked specially for your's truly. They only lasted about 30 hours, but they were the sweetest pick me up EVER! The reason this is fresh on my mind is because I just threw them away. Dead flowers do not smell fresh–they stink. Didn't you know?

uh.... um.... my brain just went foggy. There are no words flowing down to my fingers... Why is that?

Oh, I just thought of something to tell/show you. My final project in my graphic design class is called "The Fifty Cards Project." It's a k-i-l-l-e-r [for those of you who have foggy brains like mine, that spells killer]. I had to come up with a concept, and design fifty cards, and take 50 images. Then I had to design the packaging for said cards. Then I had to BUILD the box for said packaging!

I learned something new about myself and box building which is this: I was never meant to be a box builder. I'm handicap when it comes to exacto knives... Don't ask.

Anywho, after three failed attempts, box number four came out a winner. I conquered the box! I learned from failure! But don't ask me to make another one for 8 months please.

My concept: 50 things in my fridge.

Isn't it so rad!? There are some things I wish I had done a little differently, but overall I'm happy with it.

What do you think?