Homework shmomework.

So it's a Friday night and I'm sitting on the couch, in the apartment, all alone, wishing that I had something else to do besides homework. My life=suck. Ha ha, okay not really. John went out to play basketball, which is good because he loves it, and I don't think his body will mind the exercise, but I'm so bored! I'm actually quite tired, but I'm trying to remember that it's Friday night, and I'm still in college--therefore I can't go to sleep at 10:12. It's just too early.

 This is a random picture I found of the twins and I finger
painting in my little kitchen. An oldie but a goody. Don't ask
me why I chose to randomly publish it here, because IDK. 
(wow, did I really just write IDK?)
p.s. my bangs don't always look that funny.
 The above photograph is to help give you an idea about
what I'm spending my Friday night on. Yep, that's Vanessa
on my comfy couch. It's not a terrible place to spend a Friday night,
it will be better once John gets back.

Nothing crazy has been going on in my life. I'm just trying to get through school. I like all of my classes this semester, but I'm hitting the discouraging point where I realize that I have a TON to do! I haven't procrastinated THAT much this semester either. The assignments just take a while, and I have a block class starting up in a couple of weeks that is going to put me under if I don't get on top of things. I was planning on getting a bunch done today, and I was at school from 8:30 to 3:00 today. When I wasn't in class I was homeworking in the library. I came home, did the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom, and then did more homework! The day has been non-stop, yet I still have so much to do. It's overwhelming. But I'll make it through, I always do.

On a happier note, my amazingly smart husband got offered an internship in Colorado Springs, which is where one of my very best best friends is from. It turns out that the guy that probably hired John is actually in her ward! Small world. It's a really good opportunity, the only problem is that Jessica is coming out during winter semester to attend BYU-Idaho! And if we leave, I won't get to see her :( I haven't lived in the same city as her since like... maybe six years. We are going to pray about it, and if we feel that it's the right thing then I guess we'll go. But I'm really disappointed about missing Jessica. It seems like my life works out like that a lot. The one semester Jessica decides to come, I'll be gone. The one Monday night out of the entire semester that I have to work just happens to be the ward FHE/temple night. The one to seven semis on the road in-between Pocatello and Treemonton that I pass, just have to make me pass them over bridges when I feel like I'm squeezed up next to them! sheesh. The nerve the world has sometimes ;)

 The photographer was kind enough to edit out my zit! Ha. Thank you sir.
He wasn't as kind in this photo...

One of my best friends forever got married last weekend. John couldn't miss class, so I went down to Utah alone. I missed him. However, the wedding was great!!! Naturally I was the maid of honor, and my face didn't even turn red as I walked down the isle. When Mariesa came out in her beautiful dress, her fiance Miguel got teary eyed. It was so adorable. They really do love each other, and it makes me happy to see that she has found someone to spend her life with. Marriage is such a great thing. It creates the perfect environment for personal growth and development. We become better, happier people as we serve each other with love. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of ups and downs, but it is so worth it. We've been talking about the importance of families in one of my classes this semester. I have loved it so far. It has helped me to realize just how much we can learn through the everyday life of an average family.

The last thing that I feel is worth mentioning in this blog entry is....................... I've gained like 6-7 pounds!!!! Time to have a chocolate party! I'm so happy :) I just hope the pounds keep on coming because I need about.... 15 more. I'll just have to keep eating. In fact, I'm going to go find something to eat right now.


#1- John and I made the most delectable Italian cream sodas yesterday. mmmmmmmmmm.
#2- I thought that I was pregnant, but it was really just a bump of new fat!
#3- I love John, which is an adventure in and of itself, and as he would say, "I'm Out!"