Memory Lane

This afternoon, I decided to procrastinate my homework again. This time though, I did something much more productive! I got out our external hardrive and started going through old photos. I experienced so many emotions as I went through multiple years of memories; good ones, bad ones, happy times, and sad times. And I realized something. I have been blessed with SO MANY amazing friends.

What in the world would we do without friends?

True friends have helped to make us the people we are today. They stand by us, even when they don't agree with what we are doing. They forgive us when we have PMS, and they love us for exactly who we are.

I have many friends that have helped bring me to where I am today. And I am so thankful for all they have done. They have been there for me through thick and thin. They've been my shoulder to cry on, whether it's because I'm sad, or because they made me laugh so hard I cried.

I want to honor some friends that have truly made a difference in my life.

[This post could potentially be very very very long, because there are so many pictures I want to show, but I will refrain, and choose only the really good ones.]

[First: My sweet and loving husband John.]

These photos are from one of our first dates. We went to the sand dunes, played frisby, and roasted hot dogs. Isn't he just adorable!?
John. Remember our very first date in the pitch black lava caves? Remember when you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife? I was so scared, but I said yes, because I knew I wanted to spend forever with you. Remember that one time when we kissed in the rain and you lost your hymn book?

Your smile makes my heart melt. Every time. You make me laugh when I want to cry; you've  taught me patience, trust, and how to be selfless. You've shown me how to love with my whole heart. And to enjoy sea food and artichokes! You truly are wonderful.

[My family]

Sub for Santa in Mexico, 2007
Skiing with the twinners!
Cute Family Photo :)

My family is the best. We have had so many good times together. We've gone through so many hard things, but we somehow made it through and are closer because of those difficult times.

Mom & Dad. You were always good examples to me of caring, loving people. You taught me to love and serve. You taught me that life is good–even when things go wrong.

Mark and Nate. You taught me to ride a bike without training wheels. I attribute many of my adventurous qualities to the two of you. I always pushed myself to do the cool things you were able to do, which means I became pretty fearless :) Remember when I wore platform shoes to Disneyland for three days in a row, nearly ruining my feet, just so I could go on all the rides with you guys? I was a tomboy growing up because I looked up to you, even though you tortured Emily (my cherished doll), and buried her in the backyard. You both inspire me, with your accomplishments and your big hearts.

Vanessa & Valerie. My twinners–you are fantastic. You taught me patience, you taught me to share, and you taught me about real true friendship. We had many ups and downs throughout our relationships (like when Valerie kept stealing my clothes, or when Vanessa wouldn't go upstairs to get me some food during a movie), but we always had fun in the end. I remember so many movie nights and spa days with you two. We learned to make things fun with what we had. We laughed a lot :) We made fools of ourselves quite often too. Remember the Brownie Batter Bash?

John's side. Christmas 2009

I haven't got to spend as much time as I'd like with John's side of the family, but from what I've experienced, I've learned they are wonderful people. They have taught me kindness, acceptance, and the importance of time together :)

[Kindred Spirits]
Jessica Lynn. We were the best of friends from the moment we met at age 4. Remember wishbone!? We were boy crazy, and we thought we were the cutest girls in the world. I wish I could go back and see us at age 10 with our sparkly cheeks, waiting for boys to ask us out for snowball at Classic Skating! Remember flirting with the lifeguards at the Rec Center? Of course you do. Mike and Sean were too hot to forget! ;) They were 16 and we were 9 but that didn't stop us! Remember LP? Or making up the words to spanish soap operas? We had fun no matter what we were doing! Your whole family will always hold a very special place in my heart.

You taught me that I can't always have exactly what I want, and that the world doesn't revolve around me. You taught me that friendships can last, and distance doesn't matter. Even though you moved across the country, when I came to visit in the summers, we just picked up where we left off. To this day, every time we talk it's like we still live across the street from eachother.

Mariesa Carin. Oh my dearest Mariesa, your influence has had such a huge impact on who I've become today. We loathed each other growing up, but something brought us together in the 8th grade. We had art together and you had black marker on your forehead. Remember listening to Aaron Carter down in your bedroom, instead of cleaning your room? Remember that first time we drove in the car together without adult supervision? I had my permit and my dad went into target and we drove around the parking lot, music blasting, feeling like the nothing could bring us down! Remember talking for hours and hours on the phone, about friends, boys, parents, siblings, and life?

You taught me to love others unconditionally. You taught me that life is hard, but we can always make it through. You taught me that I'm a strong individual who can make a difference in the world. You brought me to Peru. You showed me a new way of life. You taught me that happiness doesn't come from possessions, but from serving others. You opened my eyes, and brought me out of my box.

Erica Michelle. You are truly amazing. Remember when we met in our very first class, on the very first day of college? Remember all of our chats about boys? Remember when we were roommates, and I was going through a super hard time and you always made my days better? Like that one time when I found various gifts on my bed (including the coconut bra cup that is now my toothbrush holder)? Remember when I moved to Colorado Springs, and you gave me a social life? Oh wait, that's happening right now...

You've taught me what a true friend really is. Someone who is always there, someone who cares, and someone who shows that they care. You taught me that love is an action word. You taught me that heart break hurts, but life goes on and everything will turn out for the best. You helped me to see that the Lord will make us better than we can make ourselves.

Anna Banana. You were my very first pen pal. Remember when we wrote back and forth all summer long, asking and answering questions, and sending gifts? Remember when I surprised you by popping out a box that I had supposedly sent you? Do you remember the time that we rode motorcycles in the orchards all evening, and raced each other until I crashed?

You taught me so much about life, love, and the gospel. You gave me strength in the times that I needed it most. You encouraged me to seek truth, and to follow my heart. You gave me confidence when I had none. You are AMAZING.

PS sorry the picture is so bad of both of us! I couldn't find a better one :(

Tasha D. & Heidi O. I don't have pictures but these two make the list of kindred spirits! They were my very first best friends. Heidi, you helped me to learn independence. Remember the many sleepovers we had? Remember how you and your dad would walk me home in the middle of the night because I missed my momma? We wrote plays, and had magic trick shows, and watched Little House on the Prairie. Good times.

Tasha, you taught me about making money. Remember making yarn necklaces, drawing pictures, and selling them door to door? Or teaching preschool/art classes in our spare time to make some extra change? Remember calling time & temp like 50 times a day in the summer, just waiting for the temperature to hit 80 so we could get in the pool? Remember jumping on the tramp in the rain until the needle feeling became unbearable? We learned the importance of honesty and independence together. You taught me that no matter how many terrible things happen in life, we get up and we move on, and we keep smiling.

Okay... This post is turning into a book.
I'm sorry there is just way too much to write, and way to many people to thank. It's amazing how many people have touched my life and made it better. I'll just post a few more pictures of the people I LOVE:

Julie Anne. I couldn't find a picture of us together, so I put this one up from my bridal shower. Remember long word notes? And Junior high PE, english, and yearbook? Remember how much Mr. (oh my gosh I can't remember his name, did it start with an S?) ___ hated us!? You made life bearable at chill out. Oh and also and most especially at AT&T customer service. I miss you. And even though we hardly get to talk anymore, you should know you made a difference in my life and that I love you. And also you should know that you are a wonderful friend.
Roxy: You taught me the pain that comes with losing a loved one. Best Dog Ever.
Sadly I only have bad quality cell phone pictures.

Rustelle: You taught me that it's okay to give my heart to someone who loves me, you were a great listener/fellow complainer :) And Trissa, you showed me that sometimes I need to chill out. And also your boy troubles helped me to realize what an amazing man John was. Sorry for that :)
The Tolman's. You guys are one of the funniest families I know. You taught me nerts, and for that, I practically owe you my life. I miss Sunday night games! We had so many good times. Remember scary stories in the secret passageway?
You girls made senior year more than bearable. You made it fun! We had so many good times, especially in yearbook. I miss you guys more than you know!
We did it! And now we are moving on. Two are married, and one engaged. Time flies. You girls helped me to learn that I can achieve anything I want to. Jeannette, you are my hero. Mariana, you make me smile, and I love you. Gloria & T, you are beautiful, sweet, and you are both going far in life. :)

I truly hope that I have made as much difference for good in your lives as you have in mine. 

If you aren't on this list, it doesn't mean that you didn't influence my life, and it definitely doesn't mean that I'm not thankful for you. Most likely it means I ran out of time, and space. :)

Moral of the story?
We are who we are because of our friends.
They make life an Adventure. 

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Jessica said...

This made me smile, feel very nostalgic, and almost cry. (Except I didn't want to cry in front of my roommates.) :) But I am so thankful for our friendship! For all the times that you were there for me, even when we were 2,000 miles aways. You always were there whenever I needed you. You've made my life so much better! I miss you terribly! But I know that no matter what life throws at us we will always be BFF! Also I almost cried when I saw the pic of Roxy. I miss that girl! Anyway. This is the longest comment ever. But thank you for your wonderful friendship and for the wonderful example you are to me! I love you!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing this link with me! It was fun to remember all of our good times together! I'm glad that they still hold a place in your heart, because they definitely do in mine as well. :) I miss you and hope all is well!

Jeannette said...

AWWW!! Just reading like the first couple paragraphs after John made me tear up LOL... Love ya Sara! :)

4qhil said...


well m a gust on this post. I was searching for something and landed up here. Well i do agree with u. Frndz r amazing.
A deep friend is like
rainbow when the
perfect amount of
happiness and tears r
mixed the result is a
colourful bridge
between 2 hearts