I Need a Rug.

Oh hey!

So this morning I went to Bed Bath and Beyond with my bff Erica. We went to get a rug, because my new apartment is carpeted in the dining area, and I want to put a rug under the table to keep the carpet nice and clean. I remembered we still have three gift cards from the wedding, so I figured I might as well get one at BBB. One of my friends told me that after a year they start taking money off of the cards every month, so I figured I'd better hurry up and spend it.

When we got there I asked the woman at the customer service desk to check the amounts on the cards, and what do you know, they don't actually take any money off of them. All three cards combined totaled over $150. This was so not good. John wasn't around to restrain me... In the end I couldn't find a rug that I like that was the right size. But I did get some others things! $80 dollars worth in things....... oops.

I got this plant on clearance for $9.99 (it's fake, don't tell anyone)!

This movie was only $5.99...

Twist and loop for only $9.99 
(one for me and one for John haha)

I also got some storage drawer things to go under the sink since we don't have drawers in our bathroom. Lame! I had no where to put my accessories. Now I do :) I also bought a new cheese grater. This was a great purchase because guess what? A few days ago I was just minding my own business grating cheese for some part of dinner and just like that my hand slipped. 

Please, my faithful followers, never let your hand slip while grating cheese–it's very painful. And gross. And bloody. And if you happen to grate your knuckle (like I did), it takes a very long time to heal. And every time you bend your finger it hurts. So I just advise you to be more careful from now on when you are grating cheese. Sheesh. So I bought a new cheese grater. I also got a little spoon holder for the cooking utensils. And I may or may not have purchased a cheese cutter. You know the kind that have the little string thing? You should be proud of me though, I put back the $20 decorative pillows for the bed.

Long story short, I still need a rug!

In other business, I have an important announcement to make. Everybody listen up close. In the last few months I have gained..... wait for it....... waaaaaaait foooooorrrrrr iiiiiiiiiit.......... almost 15 pounds (depending on how much I've eaten before I hop on the scale)! I'm growing hips people! I have a mini muffin top :) I am so excited. I am not pregnant. I have gained this fat all on my own. 

Be proud.

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Happy Saturday!

We've been living in Colorado Springs for almost two weeks now, and due to John working fulltime, and my online classes/being an awesome little homemaker, we haven't gotten out much. This morning I woke up and decided it was time to do some exploring. So obviously I googled "fun things to do in CO Springs," and up popped a list of 50 something options. Number one on the list was the Garden of the Gods! Sounds exotic doesn't it? One of John's co-workers told him previously that it is a must see, so we sweatered up and headed out.

John drove while I navigated (I'm super good at navigating), and it took about 13.5 minutes to get there. The views were breathtaking. The orange rock created perfect contrast with the bright blue sky, and I believe I did an OK job of capturing it for my followers. By the way, you guys are amazing! Stats are up--yesterday we had 30 something views. Not too shabby! Keep up the good work.........

You know what I hate? I don't hate a lot of things, but I can honestly say I hate what I experienced today. The wind. I'm not talking about a nice refreshing summer breeze, because I don't mind that, I'm talking about cold, icy, chill me to the bone kind of wind. You know, the kind that ruins all outdoor plans? Di-sgus-ting. This wind blows in Rexburg, ID just about every day of the year (minus a few in the summer). I thought that I was getting away from that wind when we moved here, but the last few days have been pretty bad. 

When we headed out to the car this morning it was a little breezy, nothing my new, soft, 100% polyester sweater can't handle (see photo above). It was designed in Boston, and made in China. I guess Avalanche (the brand) decided that the sweater would be more marketable/exciting if people knew that even though it was made in China, it was designed not only in the USA, but in Boston... Cool. So anyway, we get to the Garden of the Gods (read with a deep announcer voice), and the icy wind begins to blow. It tried to ruin our plans, but we hiked around anyway, and ended up with very sore ears. It was totally worth it. Hopefully we'll be able to go back when it gets a little warmer.

Anyway, we are going to watch an episode of 24 netflix style, and then head to Chipotle for lunch. Ever been there? We've heard it's good and want to try it out. Hope you all have an adventurous Saturday :)



About every month or so, I have the sudden inkling to get on blogspot and check my stats. And Usually, about every month or so, I am quite disappointed in my readers. This month however, I'm am delighted. ish... I have two followers, and my page-views yesterday were, get this: 2! Ahh, so I've broken even! However, page views last month equal 11, and total page views EVER add up to a grand total of 107 (half of which may actually be me.........)! However, I haven't really promoted my blog, because I never felt I'd written anything that anyone would care to read (other than my faithful followers Jessica and Anna-- <3 you guys!).

I've spent all morning reading other people's quite successful & interesting blogs. Well...Not all morning. I woke up at 7:00 in the a.m. to make my sweetster (aka John) breakfast. Be proud. I made delicious hash browns (left over from last night's baked potatoes), eggs and toast. Then I did the dishes, hung up some clothes, made the bed, and opened the blinds to let the warm in! After that, I got on the computer to do some homework and got quite distracted with facebook/blogging (my favorite way to avoid doing homework). And I realized--Hello, my life is so boring!

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, whether it's small or big, I want to do something that counts. As my bff Erica, her mother, futbal (her dog), and I went for a walk in the park a few days ago we found a bench that was dedicated to a woman who use to keep the park looking nice. I want a bench! I want people to remember me for something good when I'm gone. Is that so much to ask? Maybe. I guess that depends on if I do something worth remembering. This blog, in my opinion and as shown by the stats, is not worth remembering.

From this point on I will try to make it more, more memorable, more exciting, more worthwhile. To do that I must also make my life more memorable, exciting, and worthwhile. Overall, more of an adventure! I don't mind. I plan to blog at least once a week, and provide proof of my adventurousness. This proof will be photographs:

Do you mind?

Adventure last night: I burned my arm on the cookie sheet that was used to cook the crescent roles! I was distracted by my lame online class meeting and bam, just like that my arm was burned. "Ouch that hurt!" I complained as I ran it under cold water. My loving husband replied quite sacrcastically, "Oh sorry, I should have warned you that things are hot when they come out of the oven..." Terd. But I still love him. Which is why I'm going to make him a tuna melt for lunch.

Chau my awesome/nonexistent readers!