Truth: I never write anything of substance anymore. The last few months (maybe longer) I have only posted pictures on this little blog. Sometimes I sit down and try to write, but the words don't flow like the use to. I guess it's because I'm out of practice. But the fact that I haven't written in so long sort of makes me sad, because this last year was a great one. All those memories will be forgotten, thanks to this terrible memory of mine.

Truth: My husband is basically an accounting rock star. He interviewed for a few positions at the Utah State Tax Commission that 70-80 other people also interviewed for. And guess who got the job!? Yep. John. Which explains why he is an accounting rock star...

Truth: We are moving. Relocating to smoggy Salt Lake City! In one week! And we are super excited about this new time in our lives. John has 4 classes left to finish his masters, which he can take online. So our schooling days are nearly over, and we'll both be working full-time. Velocity Webworks is going to allow me to continue working (but from home)! Which means we will actually have money to spare! I never thought the day would come...

Lie: I'm not going to miss Southern Utah. Not one bit! That nasty house had mice when we moved in!

Truth: Okay, I actually will miss Southern Utah. A lot. I'll miss our cute little house, and our cute little yard, our garage, BBQ, our ancient oven, and our big old trees. I'll miss the friends that we've made, my co-workers, having putting tournaments in the breezeway, and even the 2 1/2 year old escape artists in our church nursery. I'm definitely going to miss the super mild winters, the palm trees, the red rock mountains, and the beautiful view out our living room window.

Enough with the truth/lies. But seriously, I'm kind of annoyed with myself that I didn't document much of the time we have spent here. So in a lame attempt to make up for it, I took some photos of our cute little home and our cute little yard. Now you can see where we live...d! =)


The Girl Behind The Lens

I don't post photos of myself very often, mostly because I don't have pictures taken of me very often (imagine that!).

This past weekend, my friend Jessica and I decided to go out on a photo adventure, using each other as models. It was soooo much fun, and I think I got the better end of the bargain because Jessica is an amazing photographer. And dang, she made me look pretty good! :)

Show her some love by liking her page on facebook! And you can see some her favorite photos of me here.

The photos below were taken by Jessica and edited by yours truly. Which one is your favorite?

Meet Jessica

This girl is pretty much amazing. She is the design manager at Velocity Webworks (my workplace), and we have become great friends in the time that we've been working together. She started out as a nice co-worker, but now I consider her one of my closest friends.

She's beautiful inside and out. Just look at the evidence below!