She's Turning 8!

This is Elli. She might be the cutest little thing I've ever photographed! She will be getting baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So naturally we took some pictures to celebrate the occasion!


It's Still Christmas on the Blog!

I just love spending time with family. This past Christmas, John and I went on a nice long vacation to the Arctic! Ok, Montana isn't quite the Arctic, but sometimes it feels like it. We went in the outdoor hot tub when it was... ohhhhhh -5 degrees! Lots of ice formed in our hair, no big deal.

I saved up all of my paid vacation, so I was gone from work from Dec 20-Jan 2, and I got paid as if I'd been there the whole time! Oh the joys of a grown up job! :)

Here is a photo of our cute family that I took with the self timer:

We mostly just stayed inside and ate lots of fudge, painted sugar cookies, watched movies, played with legos, read books, and tried to keep the kids entertained. It was just the kind of break I needed!

My sister-in-law Emily is pregnant with her third. So while we were together we did a few maternity shots: