I had the most terrible dream last night!! I'd forgotten all about it until I was eating my morning Mini Wheats, but then it came to me! I was at the grocery store shopping with my two older brothers when they grabbed an extra pallet mover thing that a workder had left out on the floor and they put it under a couple pallets. I asked them why they were doing it and they told me that if you have a pallet mover you can just walk out of the store with stuff, and you won't get caught stealing it. For some reason this didn't bother me until we got close to the doors and they decided they were going to grab the huge 7 up Soda vending machine. I told them they were stupid and would never get away with it, but they ignored me. Then I left and told them I didn't want any part in what they were doing. I got home, but it wasn't home, but my mom and dad were there, as well as my bff Jessica. When my brothers got home there were cops chasing them. They ran inside and locked the door, but the cops just followed them in and started arresting people. I yelled at Mark to tell them that we had nothing to do with it and he did but for some reason they still arrested my dad! As they were leaving my mom ran out saying she wanted them to take her instead of my dad, but they shot her right through the heart. I think that's the most I've ever cried in a dream, but then in my dream, I woke up and it was all a dream. So I was dreaming that I'd been dreaming! I went and got in bed with my mom. It was insane!

So anyway, lets see, what are my adventures lately? Yesterday we accidently slept through part of church because we forgot to set our clocks forward. We still made it to Sacrament Meeting because it is last hour, and our ward got split. Our half got to keep the old Biship which I'm very happy about. He's a really cool guy. We have a calling in the library :)

Oh and hello, biggest adventure of all! I got a MacBookPro!!!!!! I'm typing on it right now! It's sooooo cool! There are so many cool things you can do just by using a certain number of keys on the mouse pad thing. and the graphics are amazing, the battery lasts forever too! I love it soooo much. And it has a webcam, so I can talk to people on Skype. I talked to Jessica the other day and gave her a virtual tour of the apartment. It was pretty sweet!

My other BFF Mariesa is in dissapear mode... Apparently she ran over her phone a while back, but I'm sure she's found a new one by now, she just won't call me like I told her to. Sheesh.

Anyway, I need to hop in the shower because I have to go to work in a little while. I've really been dreading work lately.... I don't know why, but I just have a hard time wanting to go, which is weird because it's the one job I've every had that I didn't really hate.  It's just getting old I guess, I've almost hit my one year mark!

Well, talk to you lata!

Adventure #1: I woke up to a kiss from my baby sweet cheeks this morning (which was before I had the dream--I went back to sleep after he gave me my pill).
Adventure #2: I've learned how to use my mac quite quickly and am loving it!
Adventure #3: My sisters might be coming up this weekend.
Adventure #4: On saturday John and I went on a double date with Rustelle and Dexter, we went to dinner in Idaho Falls and then headed south for Lava Hot Springs, but it ended up being closed! So we talk an hour and a half drive for nothing! What a waste of gas! But we got some good talk time in, so I guess it's okay :)