Things Are Looking Up

Today was a really good day.

Why, you ask?

Well, because I said so. And also because I finished the design for a web site project:
If you'd like to see it in a browser click here [none of the links will work, because I only had to design the homepage].

It's a huge improvement from this, don't you think?

It was a great day because I created an awesome invoice template for future freelance work:

And because John got offered a job in the controllers office at SUU! Which means we might start making enough money together to pay the bills.

It's been a wonderful day today because it's sunny and WARM outside.

And because I talked with Karl Hugh from Studio West Photography. I might be getting a job working with him doing photo retouching, printing, and photography.

And because I'm listening to Mumford and Sons.

Things are looking up! :]



Last Friday, I went on a quick business trip to Mesquite, NV. I went down for a photo shoot with mishap studios. We planned to photograph some hot air balloons, but plans changed and we ended up at Wolf Creek Golf Course [from what I hear it's one of Tiger's faves]!

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. It made me want to become a golfer...

We also stopped on their main street and took a some photos of main attractions.

Two words: DREAM JOB! Oh how I wish every day was photo shoot day! It was a chance for me to really express my creativity. I was with two other photographers, and it was fun to watch what each person gravitated towards at each stop. Playing around with the camera settings to get the shot just right was probably my favorite part. Since I'm used to doing a lot with portraits, it was fun to explore another type of photography.

I took 674 photos. Here are some of my favorites from those [I know, I have a lot of favorites, but they are all so good!]:


Oh My Adorable

This little girl is about as adorable as they come. Seriously. She's not my child, so I'm not completely biased.

See for yourself!

Also, who likes the new blog design?!?

Photos of the day: [Baby Giselle! She can crawl!]


Friends in Town

One of my best friends of all time is visiting! She had some business to do here in Cedar City, so they are staying the night at our place. We ate some pizza, played ping pong/bowling on the Kinnect, and now we are enjoying eachothers company while watching a movie.

Don't worry, I took some quick pics of their baby Giselle. The lighting wasn't ideal, but I still got some cute ones:


Snow Day!

It's about time!

This has been the warmest winter that I have ever experienced. I always thought that my life would be perfect if winter was warmer, but honestly I've missed the snow. So I didn't mind when a storm rolled in today.

It rained before it snowed:

Also, we've been eating lots of fruits and veggies lately:



Don't you just LOVE documentaries? John and I have been obsessed with them lately. I really enjoy them because I get to sit down, relax, and watch something. After I'm done I feel educated and empowered.

The most recent documentary we watched is on instant view on Netflix. It's called "Forks Over Knives" [to see website, click here]. It basically explores the idea that a plant based/whole grain diet is the best treatment for people with diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. They showed all sorts of proof that animal meat and milk are actually bad for us. I definitely recommend you all watch it! The documentary followed people who decided to try the diet, and they all lost weight, felt better, and often stopped taking chemical medicines to treat their problems.

After thinking it over, John and I have decided to cut most meat and dairy from our diets. We def. aren't just quitting cold turkey, because I'm pretty sure we would never last! On our last trip to the store, we didn't buy any cow milk or meat. We got mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread/pasta, rice, beans, etc. I'm excited to see how it will effect my body, and I'm hoping it will give me more energy!

Lately I've just been really disappointed with the doctors I've seen. They haven't really been able to help me. So I'm going to let nature have a go at fixing me. Wish me luck!

More Photos of the day:

Above: Just cookin' some rice!

In other news, I took a day trip up to Utah Valley. I saw one of my very best friends just before she entered the missionary training center. She's headed to California in a few weeks! I also surprised my family, because only my mom knew I was coming. :)

Here is a random photo I took of Val:


Girl Time

I'm the type of girl that is pretty content with John time. We have a lot of fun together, but every once in a while, it's nice to go out with the girls.

John and I have basically been together 24 hours a day for the last three weeks. That's not true, I went to work in St. George twice, and I went to another design studio two times. But other than that, we haven't really had any time apart.

I haven't really gotten sick of him yet :] But today I decided I needed some girl time, so I called my cousin Jennifer and we went out for dinner and dessert. We talked for about four hours straight, and it was SO nice. I don't know what it is about boys, but they just don't like the serious type of talk. Girls thrive on serious type talk, so after three weeks of man time, I had a lot to say.

It was wonderful, and Jennifer is so great! She is older and wiser and so much fun to be around. It was an awesome evening.

I spent the day designing "Thank You" cards & Birthday cards, because I wanted to do something productive while I wait for a client to get back to me [I'll post photos of the cards soon]. Naturally I forgot all about my photos of the day until the sun went down, so I snapped these photos in my house:

This is a close up of my lamp!

My second Mom Suzie [best friends mother] brought these back from Europe for me a long time ago. They sit on my desk as a reminder of my home away from home.