The Little Things

Joy of Love Photo Class [Day 15]

You want to know what I realized lately? You must want to know. If you didn't, I don't think you would be here on my blog, looking at an adorable picture of my husband and I, and also reading... So I will tell you:

I realized that it's the little things in life that make me happy.

I've heard statements similar to the one above on many occasions, but I don't think I ever really understood it. I never believed it. I believed that the big, huge, and exciting adventures were what made me happy. It always seemed to me that the traveling to and from exotic places, and the climactic times in my life brought the most joy. Hello, it was the only thing that made sense. But alas, I was so wrong!

It's the things like a sweet kiss from my sweet husband that makes me happy (see photo above). Or his patience with me when I have to take 25 photos to get the right self portrait (see photo below).

[: Disclaimer–This post is picture heavy, please bear with me and endure to the end. Also, if you don't like the music, scroll down to the bottom and push pause. :]

Joy of Love Photo Class [Day 16]

I find true joy in waking up to a beautiful day, pulling open the curtains, and feeling the sun on my skin. I can almost see happiness in the gorgeous world around me. It's everywhere I look:

Don't those pictures make you smile? They make me smile.

Lately I've tried to find true joy in the mundane things in life; in making the bed, brushing my teeth, taking a hot shower, while grocery shopping, or hanging out in a bubble bath until my skin looks like raisins. I find it in cooking food, telling jokes and watching TV shows with my honey on Netflix. And I even find it in doing the dishes (big surprise!):

I find happiness in learning and experiencing new things. I especially find it when I rediscover a favorite band in my itunes library (why hello death cab for cutie, I've missed you). I find joy by serving the people I care most about. I find it as I catch up with old friends, and when I eat at olive garden! mmm hazelnut italian cream soda. How can the previous sentence not make you happy!? I'm finding it right now as I look out the the glass doors and see the wind blowing everything to smithereens. You know I'm serious about this post if I can find joy in the wind!

 I found joy in baking german chocolate cupcakes on Valentines Day and sharing them with the people I love:

You guys, happiness and joy are all over the place! We just have to open up our eyes and see it. Because it's these little everyday things that make up most of our lives. Why not see the beauty in them? Why live life waiting and wishing for a different time, and a different place. I've realized that it's time to live in the moment–to find joy, happiness, and love in everything. It's always been their just waiting for me to see it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the big exciting stuff! There is nothing wrong with it. But I believe happiness is more a mindset than anything else. If I choose to see the world this way and enjoy the little things, than life will be just what I want it to be:

An Adventure.

"Right now a moment of time is passing by...we must become that moment." –Paul Cezanne [New quote of the month]

Here are a few songs that make me happy:

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What little things make you happy?


Steff said...

I love it! Every month or two I get a feeling like this that I'm just SO happy that I feel a wave go over my body, even though nothing 'special' had happened.

Mom said...

Great blog, Sara! What a great reminder to enjoy the little things. Love ya!

Jessica said...

Sara! You're looking pretty fat! :) You are so pretty! This post made me very happy! Thank you!

Sara T. said...

Thanks Jessica :) I am now 100 pounds (minus 10 pounds, don't tell anyone)! I'm glad it made you happy. I love you.

Carrie Carlson said...

Sara - I totally agree with you. I love this and you could not have said it better. :) Carrie Carlson :)

Cailey said...

I'm so glad I was finally able to read this! I thought that I saw happiness in little things, but you truely have opened my eyes. It is amazing. Thank you this was enjoyable to read.