Something about thunderstorms excites me. Each bolt of lightning, and every crash of thunder bring me a strange mixture of joy and calmness. Something about the big booms always makes me smile.

I remember when I was young and afraid of the storms, my mom would take me out onto the porch, hold me in a blanket, and teach me to see the beauty. She taught me that it might sound scary, but as long as you stay out of harms way, it's there for you to enjoy. Maybe these memories are what bring me the calm feeling?

It's not just thunderstorms though, there is something about loud banging noises that I just love. In high school you know how the drum guys go down the hall playing sweet beets to get everyone pumped for the game? 

I LOVED game days simply because of the rush I felt when those drummers passed me in the hall. I could never keep a smile off my face, and it always made my day seem better.

As I left my last class today, I looked up and saw a beautiful sky! The clouds were contrasting shades from light to dark, and I knew I had to get home quick to bust out my camera. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Also, this was our very first dinner in our new apartment. I love spaghetti, it's so easy and SO GOOD:

Do you have a love for thunderstorms too? How about spaghetti?

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kelsie rae. said...

those stormy cloud photos look great!!!! welcome back!