I'm Growing! And So Is My Wardrobe!

Have I told you guys about my undying love for Ross? 

Their racks are full of beautiful, and very professional looking, clothes. When I go, it's like everywhere I look I see something that I want to try on. Erica and I ventured out today, and Ross was our destination. 

I tried on a total of 8 + 8 + 6 (they only allow you to bring in 8 items at a time). I'm not very good at math, but I'm pretty sure that adds up to 22. Don't worry, I only ended up buying 5 of them.

Good news/bad news: Ross is within walking distance from our apartment. We live right behind it! Good for my side of the closet, but bad for our debit card... Wait, no it's not! Because Ross is so stinkin' inexpensive. 

What would have cost around $103 at the mall only cost me $39 at Ross. Like I said, I'm no math whiz, but that's 64 dollars in savings! I love good deals! They are my one true love (besides John).

Extra good news: I actually fit in the majority of the clothes I tried on! No I haven't grown up (taller), but I have grown outwards (fatter). Shopping trips use to disappoint me. I was such I tiny little twig. I'd find all these adorable clothes, and get to the dressing rooms only to find out that just about every one was loose somewhere. Not so anymore. Today I tried on a skirt in size one and I could barely get it past my hips! Happy day.

The shirt I'm wearing in the picture above is one of my favorites from todays shopping trip. It is SO comfy! My new rule is that I can't buy anything that isn't professional slash older looking. Since I'm so small, I have to start wearing big girl clothes so that people start taking me seriously. :)

Do you think I made a good choice? 


kelsie rae. said...

i love ross too! that shirt is WAY cute!

Mom said...

Very cute shirt at a very good price! I can tell you're related to me! We love you and can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Very cute shirt. :) You look great.
Carrie Carlson

Baylen & Mariana said...

Ross is seriously shopping heaven! I love getting my summer chruch dresses there! That shirt is very cute. And i understand what you mean about dressing to look older. I feel that way too since baylen & i are so young. I gotta have a mom hair cut too! Haha.

Sarah Faria said...

Lookin' good!!

Cailey said...

:) Sahweet deals! thats pretty awesome! Ross is the coolest place to shop. I do need to start shopping there more often. I found a really cute skirt there the other day. gotta love it!