Bannack Portraits

So, my photo class took a field trip to a ghost town in Montana called Bannack. It was an awesome place, and I was with some AWESOME people. We had a lot of fun, and I get some amazing portraits:

So... What do you think??


True Love

I'm back!!!

It's been awhile. I keep meaning to post, but other things [mainly homework] always take precedence. I'm breaking the rules right now by spending time on this post.

Here is my list of To Do's:
-12 refined sketches for graphic design
-finish html & css for my very first website
-take a science quiz
-write a science paper
-Revise resume & cover letter design/content
-read half of a book
-eat lots of chocolate

As you can see, I'm one busy girl. So you should be very grateful that I'm reviving my blog from death tonight. :)

One of my favorite things to photograph is people–people that are in love are extra fun to capture. This week I have a photo assignment to take portraits, so I asked my good friends Rustelle & Dexter to be my models.

I have a confession to make. I did something that was super unprofessional. And so lame. I forgot my memory card. Luckily we weren't very far from home when I realized it, but seriously!? How unprepared can I be. Good thing the Ashbocker's love me, and didn't get upset that we had to go home real quick.

I used my reflector for the first time, which was really exciting. John was my assistant, and he did a wonderful job. He knew just what to do with it :)

Okay, I'll stop blabbing! Here are a few of my favorites from today:


Help Me!!

So I have a project due on Monday. It is for my graphic design class. The project was to choose an article, make up a title that represents it, and then photograph the letter from found, or made objects. I found an article on some people who created computer art through html. They did things that no one expected. I called the article computer art. My challenge was to make the title say both computer and art.

After photographing a title, we were assigned the task of creating a magazine layout.

My problem is, I have two options that I can't decide between! Plus, I need critiques! The project went so fast that I wasn't able to get any feedback about my layouts... So pretty, pretty please take a look and let me know which one you prefer, and why.

I'll love you a little extra for your help, and you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling. You know, the one you get when you help save someone's life? Yeah, that one.

So without further ado [click to enlarge]:

I like this one because the computer keys and the fact that it is on the computer screen say computer. It might give readers the "aha moment" when they read the subtitle on the side that says "an ongoing history of computer art." 

I like this one because I feel like the shadows of the letters create the artistic feel. The html tags also seem to add to the piece... But is it repetitive to write computer art, when it's clearly art on the computer? 

Your thoughts? 
Do you like them? Hate them? 
Understand them? 


New Photo Blog :)

So I'm taking a digital imaging class this semester, and part of the class is putting our pictures on a blog. The cool thing about this blog is that I put the camera settings underneath each photo (Aperture size, shutter speed, time of day, place, camera, composition, etc.). So you'll be able to see what I did to get certain pictures.

There are also edit posts where I go through what I did in Photoshop to get the final product. So come follow me over there (saratranbergphotography.blogspot.com), where you will see some awesome pictures. Like this one: