He Went to Jared!!!

So on Thursday night John went out to play basketball with some guys from work and I was sitting at home feeling very bored. I kept hearing people come up and down the stairs and each time it wasn't my honey bunches!

One time I heard someone messing with keys and I thought it was him getting ready to come in the door, so I got real excited and opened the door quick with a big smile on my face and guess who it was!? Not John! It was this big black guy with corn rows... So I pretended like I was looking down the road to see something and then I went back inside real quick, bright red cheeks flaming. Can you say embarrassing!? Oh my goodness.

A long time later: John came home! And instead of greeting me with a proper kiss, he threw a gas station bag on my lap and left the room. WTH (what the heck)! So I looked in the bag and found three things–Bugles, Hot Cheetos, and down at the bottom there was a cute little random box with a bow. I got really excited when I saw the box, and yelled, "Hey sweet cheeks what's in this box?" No answer. "Hello Johnny baby? What's in the box?" Still nothing. Curiosity got the best of me and I couldn't wait any longer. I opened the box.

I saw two things, the logo Jared, and some amazing 1/2 Kt. princess cut diamond earrings. "You went to Jared!!!" I yelled with a smile. Of course he went to Jared, every time we drive by the place I give him little hints that Our 1 year and 6 months anniversary is coming up. He replied, "Do you like them? They are your Valentines Day present. I couldn't wait to give them to you!"

See John has this thing where when he gets me presents he just can't wait to give them to me. It happens on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and apparently even on Valentines day. Now I have to figure out what I'm getting him for V-day.... Any ideas?

He just read the above paragraph and told me that I already know what I'm getting him–a remote control helicopter! What else!? Now he's showing me pictures on the internet. Boys... hahaha. We'll see.

Heres another picture of my beautiful earrings:

I <3 John.


Jessica said...

That's very cute! I'm so glad he treats you right and you are happy!! I wish you were being happy in Rexburg right now.. but I'm still happy that you are happy! :)

Cailey said...

awe thats cute. gosh your blog takes forever to bring up, but so worth the while ;)