Baby Hungry

John's sister had a baby recently, and so we drove up to Helena, Montana to say hello and meet the little guy. Holding him stirred some sort of motherly instinct in me and made me want a little babe of my own. John, the husband, is pretty cute and fun, and he is my baby sweet cheeks, but still, lately I've been wanting more and more to have a real baby (you know the kind a woman carries in her womb for nine months). Every time I see a baby I think to myself, "Hey, I want one of those!" And then I really think about it and I wonder if I got pregnant tomorrow, would I really be ready to be a mother?

The only problem is that I'm the kind of person that gets stressed out easily. I'm almost positive that I couldn't handle having a baby and going to school. Working while going to school is hard enough, adding a baby to the mix might be lethal! Oh how I cherish my sleep... So I will get my degree and maybe find a real world job to help John get through his masters. And then we can think about popping out mini Johns and little Saras.

There is this other thing though–I have this deep desire to travel the world with John. I want to go out and do humanitarian work in Africa or South America. Doing that type of service is life changing. It brings peace and love to life that lasts; it strengthens relationships.

I think traveling might be addictive. Hello everyone, my name is sara and I'm a travel addict. It's like the more I travel, the more I want to travel. Once I see cool things in one exotic place, it makes me want to see another exotic place even more than before! In my short life I've had more opportunities to travel than most people get to in a long lifetime. Yet I have only seen a tiny fraction of what the world has to offer. There is so much to see! Travel is another thing that would be much harder to do with children.

Sometimes I wonder if this would be selfish of me, to put off having children so I can travel the world... It's something to think about. But I'm still young, and I have a lot of childbearing years ahead of me. So for now I'll worry about myself. I'll put up with my baby hungriness until I feel completely ready emotionally, physically, and financially to bring a new soul into the world.

Moving on, my new nephew is named Julius and he is absolutely adorable! A few more  pictures: (See birth announcement I designed here)

Are you baby hungry now?


Geneil said...

Just wanted to tell you, for what it's worth... I remember thinking that I needed to travel while I was single; I went to Europe for a quick trip in high school, but I really wanted to experience living abroad. I figured that after I got married I would probably be putting a husband through school, and then having babies... sound familiar?

I know that the way my life is going doesn't happen for everyone. Your husband's future career (and future church service endeavors, yours and his) can make a lot happen, though. I look back at my younger self and think I was crazy; who would want to live abroad single when they could live in Germany with a handsome German-speaking husband, and have major life experiences in that foreign setting? (Like moving 7 months pregnant, and having the baby in a place where just a few people speak your language.)

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that if serving the world is a righteous desire of your heart, I think that Heavenly Father will find a way to fulfill it. Probably not in the way you think, lol. Don't be afraid to make family plans while keeping your eyes open for random opportunities. I do think the right opportunity would work out with any other plans you've got in progress, because Heavenly Father is good like that. :-D

k and p said...

I have so many of the exact same feelings as you do...i want a baby when I see them, but don't know if im really ready. I'm a travel addict too - I worry I'm being too selfish as well. When I finish school I want to travel abroad to south america and help with medical stuff (I'm working toward my rn and bsn).

Plus, I love my sleep...its like you read my mind! Lol
Tell me if you find the answers to these questions :) I am struggling with this issue, since I'm nearly 26 and have been married and child free for 2.5 years lol

k and p said...

P.s. You are so right Geneil!

Sara T. said...

Geneil: That is very good advice :) It reminded me that everything will work out for the best. It always does if we are striving to to what is right!

Kira: I'm glad you understand what I'm talking about! Hopefully we get it figured out quick style!

Steff said...

Sara, i think about those exact things all the time! And now that I know I want to be a nurse I don't want to have a kid right now, I want to get all the 'other things' out of the way.

That first picture is my favorite, it's soooo cute!