I'll make this post short and sweet since the last one was FOREVER LONG! :)

Did you know...
Did you know that helium is the second most popular element in our universe?
Did you know that there are 2 protons in the atoms that make up helium?
Or did you know that it is one of the most important building blocks of our universe? It is one of the main elements in early stars. Which grow and create heavier elements? Which are what worlds and solar systems are made of? Which are hosts to life? 

You probably didn't know all of those things. Maybe you knew them once but have forgotten. I only know them because I'm taking a science class this very semester. It's actually quite fascinating. 

But did you know...
That when you suck helium your voice turns super high, and you sound like a chipmunk?

You probably do! Because it is a fun activity that possibly kills brain cells, but it might be worth it because it makes you laugh hysterically. 

Last night little Johnny and I played a game called Cribbage. It's really fun, but the schnookums is really good at it. I was in the lead the entire game, and I was about to win, when he pulled this ridiculous stunt and got ahead at the very last possible second! I was a little bit angry because this is very common when we play this game. I always get hope that maybe this time, by some miracle, I'll beat him. But no, it never happens. 

The point is, I was a little unhappy with my luck. John cheered me up by sucking helium out of a Valentines day balloon we received from his parents:

Funny huh?

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