Sky Diving Anyone!?

A few weeks ago John and I went sky diving!!!!

Okay, I'm really sorry, I sort of just told a half lie... But you couldn't tell could you? That picture I photoshopped looks pretty legit, no? With the sky in the background? And my perfect relaxed pose? Jk jk jk. We actually went INDOOR skydiving. It was a lot of fun, less expensive, and not as risky. Sadly, we didn't have anyone to document the part where we got blown around by 200 mph winds, cheeks flapping and all... But we snapped a couple shots afterwards, capturing how ridiculous we looked wearing the suits, helmets, and goggles. Please enjoy, I give you permission to laugh.

The following photo is fashion suicide:

The goggles make my cheeks poofy.

The next stop on my list is real sky diving, you know, like the kind when you jump out of a plane with a parachute strapped to your back!?  I better hurry up and do it though, because I believe the frontal lobe of my brain is almost all the way developed... Who knows if I'll dare to make the jump after I think like an adult?

Before we went skydiving we traveled to denver, and visited a high end mall:

Valet parking?

I felt like a celebrity at this mall because it's all designed out. Designer stores galore. But I hated it because I found so many cute things, and then I looked at the price tag... $250.00 for a paper thin jacket!? Not my idea of a bargain. Even when I shopped the clearance wracks, everything was like over $100.00. However, I did find a Pacsun and bought a super cute sweater on sale for $5.00. Suck on that BEBE.

The drive home in the snow was a catastrophe. We were going 10-15 mph on the interstate the whole way home. I found entertainment though. I took pictures:


Mom said...

You guys are cute skydivers!!

Vanessa said...

How did you take those awesome pictures?

Sara T. said...

I used a long shutter speed, and moved the camera around to make it blur :)

Sarah Faria said...

Come out here and you can try hang gliding with my dad!