Colder than the North Pole!?

The last three days have been COLD! Why does the weather tease me so? It dangled 70 degree sunshine right in front of me for three days in a row and then this! According to my sources (Accuweather.com) yesterday it was -44 here in Colorado Springs. From what I hear that's colder than the North pole (from a source that isn't quite as reputable as Accuweather). Today the high is a whopping 4 degrees!  Impressive. Not only that but a wind chill advisory is in effect. And you know how much I hate wind...

On days like this one I'm partially worthless.

However, the sun is shining today and the snow on my balcony is slowly starting to melt. And the heat isn't turning on every ten minutes like it did yesterday. This gave me the motivation to shower, do the dishes, and even finish some homework!

I learned something new about myself yesterday. I have very little patience in my being. Seeing as it was soooo cold, I wasn't going to go outside if I didn't have to. I woke up around 8:15 and thought to myself, "Hey you know what, even though the weather is nasty, I'm going to be productive today." So I got on the computer, ready to tackle my online classes. Naturally I checked Facebook first and then I tried to log into what is called "Brainhoney," (aka ilearn 2.0) to get to my online classes. The link was missing! What the heck? I figured that if I found something else to do for a while, it would reload later.

So obviously I decided to get my weekly fill of "The Bachelor!" Which is an absolutely ridiculous show where girls just set themselves up to become emotional wrecks, but somehow it is so addicting! Don't tell anyone I watch it okay? There really is a point to this story, my faithful followers, and we are almost to it. As I started streaming the video, I was intensely interested and then BAM, those dreaded little dots showed up on my screen with the word, "Loading..." Gah! For the remainder of the two hour episode (which probably took three hours to watch) I had to keep turning my wireless airport off and on to get the internet to come back.

I successfully got into Brainhoney, but of course the internet problem persisted. And after a few hours I was going to pull my hair out, and possibly throw my baby mac against a wall. It was about that time that sweet cheeks came home and rescued me from my non-patience. But it wasn't until today at lunch that he suggested resetting the router. So far, so good. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Another example of my bad patience: Last week my circular knitting needles would not cooperate, so I threw them on the floor in a fit of rage... One of the needles broke in half... but you know that there is nothing a little super glue can't fix.


Anyway, as you can tell, my life has been pretty boring lately! Not really any exciting adventures to report. Except before the Arctic chill came into town, Erica, John, and I went for a stroll/hike in the bluffs (little mini mountains that are all over town). Pictures:

Colorado Springs & Pikes Peak

This is my slipper–I left my shoes at Erica's Casa... oops.
Erica's Big Jump
Johns Big Jump
She might be Too pretty :)

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