Hello everyone, my name is Sara and I am a procrastinator. 

What do I procrastinate most? 

My homework. 

What do I do to put off said homework? 

I do lots of things: I clean, I cook, I eat, I deep clean, I cuddle with my schnookums, I watch Bones, I play with friends, I watch Psych, I watch Bachelor, I facebook, I blog, I do laundry, I shop, and I often take photographs. Sometimes I take pictures of people, other times I take pictures of objects, and once in a blue moon I take pictures of myself:

This is my "I will put you in your place" teacher look.

This is my "I know something you don't know" look.

My Powell is showing in this one. Don't you think?

[: Powell is my mothers maiden name. We all sort of look alike :]


Steff said...

You beat me to it, I was TOTALLy going to say you look so much like a Powell! Ah that's too funny.

Jessica said...

Your eyes are so pretty! Just like you!!

Mom said...

Jessica took my comment! Your eyes are a beautiful blue in these pictures. And I think you like Steff's aunt Jill in these pictures. She's a Powell too! She's also your cousin.

Mom said...

I meant to say you "look" like Jill in these pictures.

Trisha said...

Oh Sara, I remember the days of playing nertz to procrastinate homework. Just one more! Haha. I miss you! Love the pictures, you're soo talented and of course so pretty!

Merry said...

I love that look you're making in the top picture. And yes, you're such a Powell.