We Laugh Indoors

One of the things I remember from when I was a child is that my mom always had these brownies stashed in the top shelf of one of our cupboards. Oh how I loved them. So I was super excited when I found them at Safeway the other day. They taste just how I remember them!

This past weekend, John and I have been stuck indoors eating said brownies, and lots of other junk food, like grasshopper cookies (another treat my momma always bought), and root beer candies. So I don't have any adventure filled photos or stories for you. The weather has been gloomy and cold. It went from sunshine and flip flops:

To gloom and warm boots:

Sometimes I don't mind the gloomy days though. As long as there aren't too many in a row. I enjoy staying warm inside, drinking hot cocoa, and laughing with Johnny Baby. We usually have a lot of fun indoors. However, I think I'm ready for Spring to be here permanently.

Since we mostly stayed inside, we kept ourselves entertained with an amazing new toy. It is called a Kinect and it works with the Xbox. It's like better than a Wii people, I'm not even joking. Your body is the remote. Where you move, the player moves! We played tack and field, bowling, boxing, table tennis, volleyball, and soccer. John has the funniest victory face/dance. If I didn't always lose, I would probably lose on purpose just so I could watch him celebrate his win. Of course the only things I can beat him at are bowling, and get this, boxing. :)

We haven't played as much lately because our bodies are SORE! Oh ma gosh, I can't believe how tiring just moving your body around can be. I'm sore in places I never knew I could be sore in! John and I have been giving each other the types of massages that feel sooo good on sore muscles, but they also hurt like heck. You know those kind? I can't decide if I love them or hate them.

Here's another thing I can't decide if I love or hate: Wuthering Heights. I am about halfway through reading it. Why is it that the classics always have to be sort of depressing? I think I like the book so far, but the main characters are so selfish and... well just plain terrible! Heathcliff is probably the biggest jerk I have ever met in a book. I can't decide if I pity him or if I just don't like him. Have you ever read it?

Anyway, I should probably clean up and start on my homework. I'll do my best not to procrastinate this week...


Mom said...

Glad you had a fun weekend, Sara! I totally agree with your take on Wuthering Heights. It's so depressing. Why don't we take it upon ourselves to start a new list of classics that is uplifting and fun? I realize that a lot of those books were written during difficult periods in history where life really was kind of depressing. But whatever happened to the glass being half full concept? I am sure there are people who lived during those depressing periods in history who actually had good, uplifting, and even fun experiences to write about. Why don't we find them and make our own list of classics? What do you say?
p.s. sorry for writing a book of my own for this comment.

k and p said...

I have to agree partially on Wuthering Heights. I had a hard time reading it (read: I found Heathcliff and Catherine's actions to be SUPER annoying), but in the end, I actually thought the story to be very interesting, and finished the last third of it really quickly...I need to get it back out and read it again to see if its better the second time around. I will have to let you know

Jessica said...

I remember those brownies! And grasshopper cookies! There were some girl scouts outside of Broulims the other day selling cookies and I really wanted to buy some, but I thought I should probably be good so I didn't. I've always wanted to read Wuthering Heights! Let me know if it turns out to be good! Also. I love your boots! They are super cute!