Sometimes it's the most simple objects that fascinate me most. 

Todays I found fascination in this little thing:

Can you guess what it is?


It's a flashlight! Maybe you could tell right away... But the fact of the matter is, it's freakin' awesome! Who knew that if I stared down into my florescent flashlight I'd find such a sweet view. 

I have my cancker sore to thank for this discovery. As I was using the light to look back in my throat at the nasty little thing, I noticed how cool the inside of the flashlight was. So obviously I had to take a picture...

One of my favorite things to do with photography is to find a new perspective on things we use all the time. 

I love to see the beauty in the simple things. 

So I made this cute little poster:

You like?


Mom said...

I like both the photo and the thought! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

I like! You are such a good photographer!

Natan (Brother said...

Yes, I like, good picture... My family enjoys... I like the happies thingses.