Jimmer Fever?

John and I went to the BYU vs. Gonzaga game on Saturday. March Madness has been pretty exciting this season, and since we are only an hour away from Denver, we decided to make the trip up for the game.

We haven't had cable, or normal TV channels since we've been in Colorado Springs, and so we hadn't seen many of the BYU games, but we did see the scores. And we were pretty impressed with Jimmer's stats.

Seeing them play in real life was such a treat. Especially because we had some die hard Gonzaga fans in the next section over.

Is it just me, or do sporting events bring out the worst in people? It seems like these grown men were using the game as an excuse to act like immature (and very rude/bad mannered) boys! I was glad BYU beat them just because these Gonzaga fans felt like idiots afterwards. Is that rude of me?

Anyway, John and I might have a little bit of Jimmer Fever. He sure knows how to make those three pointers! And he has some pretty nice arm muscles :)

This is what happens when Jimmer leaves the court after scoring something like 34 points all on his own:

[I'm aware that my attempt to chant "BYU" with everyone in a deep voice sounds pretty ridiculous.]

Some pictures from the day:

Beautiful Denver.

We saw two games, this shot was from the first (not BYU).

Yes, the ball went through the hoop, if you were wondering.

Are you a Jimmer Fredette fan?


Baylen & Mariana said...

Man, great pictures! We hate your stickin' awesome camera haha.

Mom said...

I'm definitely a Jimmer Fredette fan. Brett and I got to watch BYU play in Provo once this season, and it was so fun! Provo definitely has "Jimmer fever." At least half the people at the game were wearing Jimmer t-shirts with #32 on them. It was fun to be a part of the hysteria. I hope all this attention doesn't go to his head, though. He seems like such a nice guy.