The Things He Says

Last night John and I were discussing what we could do to make ourselves healthier. I read online that even a little excess belly fat can cause a strain on your heart and liver. Oh John's side, the men have all died quite young, and I'm determined to change the cycle. I have to keep him healthy! And while I'm enjoying the pounds I'm gaining, John is ready to get rid of some of his.

Last night, he said something along the lines of, "Sara, I just hate running, I need to find something to do for exercise that I actually enjoy. Maybe I'll join karate. No wait... I could become a ninja!"

Hahaha. The longer I'm married to John, the more I realize that he's pretty much a little boy stuck in a big man's body. It makes our lives an adventure. Speaking of adventures, you might like to know that I was once a ninja... During my second semester of college actually. I was a knitting ninja:

I totally knitted that scarf by the way. It was the first one I ever made :)
Thanks for teaching me Juuuulie.

In all seriousness, I am trying to be a better wife and cook him food that will help him lose weight. The only problem is, I've always been in the "I want to gain as much weight as I can" boat. Yesterday I figured out my BMI (body mass index) with this cool little tool online. It was 18.1, and the normal range starts at 18.5, so that means I'm barely underweight! I just need to gain a few more pounds :)

Lately I've been feeding the schnookums things like this (which tastes really really good, but probably doesn't help with the trying-to-lose-weight factor...) :

(Tomato Bacon Spaghetti, if you want the recipe just let me know via comment)

Moral of the story: I'm having trouble figuring out what to feed him.

Any suggestions?


tara said...

um yes i want that recipe. that looks SO good!!! and i like the ninja idea. hahah. =]

Jessica said...

Just feed him lots of lean meats and veggies! I'm sure my dad could give you a lot of tips. And yes. The recipe would be nice! :)

tori b. said...

i would love that recipe as well!

and as far as healthy recipes go... there's a killer chicken salad recipe that goes like this: spinach, oriental dressing, chopped up chicken, candied/diced almonds (or those crispy oriental noodles), chopped carrots, and anything else that you think sounds good.

It's great, healthy, and it fills you up.

Steff said...

Oh my goodness, that looks delicious!

And I'm right there with you, I'm at 18.3! {I HAD to go google it haha}

And I too would like the recipe!

Mom said...

I'm not going to tell you what my BMI is. I already know I need to lose weight. Maybe when you find your great lose weight recipes, you could post them all. That would be good for me.
Also, let me know if being a ninja helps you lose any weight. I just might try it.
Love, Mom