This post is for my devoted blog reader (aka my sister Valerie).

I recieved my first comment today! So here is a shout out to my sister Val!!!!!! hahahaha. Okay, yes, that was a little bit cheesy/weird/dumb, but that is why I did it. Because I'm cool like that and this is my blog and I can write whatever I want, and if the only person reading it is my sister then who cares what I write, as long as it pleases her... right? (Sorry for the run on sentence)

Today was quite an adventure! Like I mentioned earlier, my baby cakes (John) was getting sick, and he called in sick this morning because he wasn't feeling peachy at all. I didn't know that though, so when I woke up and he wasn't in bed, I thought that he was gone to work. So I got up, used the facilities, and headed out to take my morning pill. Then BOOM, John was sittin in my usual spot on the couch! The nerve! I gave him a crazy look because it startled me that he was home, but then I was excited.  I got into a cleaning/ disinfecting spree, and I got the apartment looking pretty dang good. I even used the awesome Melaleuca cleaning products which are great for the enviornment! Oh and I even washed our sheets. Meanwhile, John did his taxes, and it looks like we are going to get a pretty good return, which will be nice!

John started feeling a little better as the day progressed, and so we decided it would be a good idea to head to IF to get a new wirless router (ours got all messed up when the power went out a while back). Then I said, well if we are going to be there, we might as well go to Target to find me a new swim suit for the cruise! So we showered and got ready and then we were off! The drive was nothing spectacular, but it was fun because John and I both wore some sweet shades, we may have got some weird looks, seeing as the sun wasn't shining--it was cloudy--but we didn't pay any attention. I did end up finding a swim suit that has some promise, although it will need to be taken in a bit, and I'm hoping my momma can help me out with that in the near future aka when we get there tomorrow evening or on Friday. John hid over in the mens section while I tried everything on, and then we went to Cafe Rio, which was a little bet scary for me. Last time we went I got really naucious (spelled wrong) the same night, for reasons I cannot disclose--but it had nothing to do with the food. Nevertheless, it still ruined my appetite for Cafe Rio, which is quite a shame because it use to be one of my favorites!!!!! It was okay today though, still not as good as it use to be :(

Anyway, we got the wireless router and we saw the best movie ever! Extraordinary Measures is the name and saving kids is the game. Ha.......... Anyway, yeah.... it was a great movie, I highly reccommend it. Then we went to Walmart and bought a few items to make burgers with. Speaking of burgers, John would really like to eat, and he has asked me when we are going to eat about 5 times now, so I guess I'd better go!

Adventure #1: I forgot to write about this one, but John and I danced around the the Black Eyed Peas song "Meet Me Halfway."
Adventure #2: Left Rexburg city limits!
Adventure #3: Spent the day with my Shnukums :)

Well, thanks for reading!
I'll see you tomorrow Val!

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valerie said...

Your welcome for reading. :)
Can't wait to see youu!
-you know who it is.