Goodbye Idaho, Utah and Florida--Helloooooo Caribbean!!!

This will be short and sweet, because I'm hanging out at my cousins house in Orlando. She will be taking us to the port in about an hour and a half, and I still need to take a shower.  Her kids are my favorite, Little Sara and I have been having tickle wars with John, it has been quite exciting! Our first stop on the cruise will be Haiti, and then Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, and Mexico. In the duration of our trip we will be lounging on the beach, shopping at exotic locations, going to museums, hiking waterfalls, swimming with sting rays, and my personal favorite, touring the myan ruins and temples at Tulum! It's going to be the alltime adventure of adventures!!!! Can't wait to experience it so that I can write about it :) Well my favorite maltese (Jack the dog) just joined me on the couch so I'd better go! Happy vacation!

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