Got Milk?

Sorry, you are going to have to hear from me twice today, because that down there was my intro, and this right here is my adventure of the day. Let me tell you in advance, it wasn't that big of an adventure, but the outcome was great!

I got up at about 8:20 to take my pill (apparently I have thyroid problems). An hour later I ate some waffle crisp, and then began to follow my normal day off of work routine--I sat on the couch in my robe and turned on my laptop. Later, I get a text from baby cakes (John) and he asks me to pay rent, so I do, and then he asks me to get him some medicine--he's getting a nasty cold. So, being the sweet wife that I am, I got in the shower, lost a bunch of hair--hopefully the thyroid medicine kicks in soon to stop that--got ready, and headed to Broulims, a local grocery store.

When I got there I found some good cold medicine, and headed for the fudge bars. See, John and I love fudge bars, you know, the frozen Meadow Gold kind? Mmmmm delicious! I still love them even though a few weeks ago I had a terrible experience while eating one. I opened my mouth wide to get a nice big bite and BAM can you guess what happened next? .......................................... (You never will so I'll just tell you). My jaw LOCKED OPEN! Yes, you read that right, I could not close my mouth for at least 15 minutes. It was the pitts, and we almost went to the emergency room, but I finally relaxed and popped it back into place. John said I just looked like I was singing a lot of opera, no big deal.

Anyway, after I grabbed the fudge bars I saw some double stuffed Oreos and I couldn't resist, so I grabbed some of those. I also grabbed some Hersheys Chocolate Syrup because lately I'm obssessed with chocolate milk. But I like to put a bunch of chocolate in my milk and then eat it with a spoon without mixing it in. You might think it's gross, but I think it's heavenly. Plus it could possible help me gain weight! Back to the story, so then I put my blinders on so that I wouldn't grab anything else, and I headed for the check outs.

When I was halfway through buying my delicious products, oh and the Zicam, a random memory hit me: we were in Montana at John's sisters house. We sat down to eat and Emily asked us what we wanted to drink. John and I are both milk hounds and so we both wanted some. Emily is all about the healthy organic stuff, so when she pulled the milk out I was a little confused. It was in one of those containers that they usually sell soy milk in. Anyway, I took a skeptical sip and WOW, it was like.... AMAZING. Soooooo creamy! So I'm dreaming about that milk while I make my purchase and my eyes drift over to the health foods section of the store. The cashier gave me my reciept and I couldn't help myself, I went straight for the organic milk. I just had a glass, and it's too good to be true. I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular milk.... for $3 it's just soooo worth it!

Adventure #1: I drove on the snow covered roads to the store without slipping around.
Adventure #2: I bought lots of goodies at the store.
Adventure #3: I brought my honey bunches (John) some of the medicine I bought for him.
Adventure #4: I found some organic milk, and it made my day!

Well, you probably stopped reading quite a while ago, but just in case you are still reading I'll tell you what I'm about to do. John gets home from work in twenty minutes, and then we are going to go tanning in preperation for our Carribbean cruise next week :) Now that's going to be a real adventure!


Valerie Garrett said...

Hahahaha! I love it. :) so much. please post everyday so i can have something interesting to read. & do you wanna know something crazy coincidental? we bought toffee bars tonight. Almost bought fudge bars but changed my mind and got the toffee bars. & also.. Thyroid problems??? You said that and i laughed SOO hard. You know why that's so funny? We just talked about that in ... i don't remember what class but about how thyroid problems seems to be used as an excuse a lot for fat people, or fat dogs, etc.. So! Good news! You're probably gonna get fat. :) Love you!

Your devoted reader and lovely sister, val

Jessica said...

Have you ever tried almond milk? sweetened vanilla is the best thing I've ever tasted!!