Home Again, Home Again (well almost)...

Okay wow! So there is no possible way that I could write out all of the adventures that we had on our cruise this past week. It was absolutely fantastic, and it was just what I needed to get me out of the boring, repetitive rexburg lifestyle. But before I tell you about the cruise I have to tell you about a new, very unpleasant condition in the life of John and I. Apparently, John's elbow and my body are not getting along very well because in the last couple weeks I have gotten whacked in the nose (which was in the middle of the night, and yes, there was blood), gotten a bruise next to my knee cap, and just now recieved a fat and bloody lip, all courtesy of John's elbow. He feels terrible about the whole thing, but it seems that no matter what we do, his elbow and my body parts keep seeming to collide!

Okay, now that I've unpdated you on that, we can get into the REALLY good stuff!!!!!! Yes, I know that's a lot of exclamation marks, and according to most english professors, you should stay away from them alltogether, but honestly, the trip is worth even more exclamation marks than I put, so just deal with it okay :) Anywho, we arrived at Port Canaveral on Sunday the 7th, said goodbye to Juliann and the kids, and headed into the Royal caribbean terminal--passports in hand. I got my passport about 5 years ago, and I look pretty much the same, how sad is that? Oh and John got his before he left on his mission, and apparently he thought he was a total gangster back then, because that is totally what he looks like in his passport photo--totally like bad boy. It's really funny. We went through all the security and got into the check in line, which was FOREVER long. And it's just our luck that by the time we get up to the front, there is no line left, we got there at like the worst possible time, but during the rest of the cruise, we got really lucky where lines were concerned, in fact it turned out quite the opposite. We didn't mind. Next we headed for the ship.

Freedom of the Seas holds (correct me if I'm wrong) 3,600 people, but it's so big and there is so much going on that you'd never know. The whole time we were on the ship, it didn't ever feel crouded. I got my first icecream cone as we were leaving the port and wow, I have two or three everday after that. They were the delicious soft serve kind and the chocolate ones were fantastic! I may have gained a few pounds just from the icecream :) It was pretty much all you can eat food for whenever you want, even the room service was free. Our first stop was in Haiti. We woke up to some music that was being played live on the beautiful green island. It was a perfect temperature, and the beach was great. Royal Caribbean had it's own private beach and resort, which was nice, but I kind of wish that I'd been able to see more of the island. We rented some cool beach mats that floated on the water, and relaxed while bobbing up and down in the ocean.

Next we went to Jamaica (my personal favorite) where we went to Coyaba River Gardens and Museum, and then to Dunns River Falls. We actually hiked up a waterfall there, and it was absutely amazing! The waterfall was like 600 feet high and the water didn't flow very fast so it wasn't very hard, but I didn't mind having John there with me to help me up the sketchy parts :) We had a lot of fun, and during the trip John got offered mary jay at least 10 times! Either he looks like a pothead, or he's the right age for their target buyers... hopefully the latter... haha.

We were supposed to go to Grand Cayman Islands but the ferries that were supposed to come pick us up from the ship wouldn't come because the water was too choppy, so we had a day at sea instead. We were really dissapointed because we were going to swim with sting rays there, plus that is where we planned to do most of our shopping! Once we got out to sea it was a really nice day though, lots of warm sunshine. I got a lot of tan on that day. Mexico was the final place that we stopped. We took a ferrie ride from the island Cozumel to the mainland.  It took about 40 minutes and it was really rocking back and forth. Quite a few people got sea sick, it was sorta gross. We went to Tulum, which was exciting but not nearly what I was expecting. When we signed up for it online, they made it sound like we would be going inside multiple temples and buildings, but we didn't get to go inside anywhere. I wasn't very satisfied with our tour guide either, but it was still an awesome place. I loved being there and imagining that it was back in the day when the Myans were living there. It was cool to imagine the nephites or lamanites being the ones who built it and lived there, which is very likely.

While we were on the ship there were many activities that range from rock climbing to ice skating to mini golfing to magic shows. Speaking of magic shows--John was chosen out of the audience to be up on stage with the magician, and of course my face turned red for him! It was really cool. We was part of the illusion where they cut a woman in half. He put a leash around the womans neck and held it to make sure that she didn't move around. The show was actually done really well!

If you'd like to see pictures of the trip, they are on another blog. It takes too long to download all of them, so I don't want to do it all over again here. Go to http://www.johnandarascruise.blogspot.com/. They are also on my facebook if you are my friend on there. :)

Adventure #1- I got to add new countries to my places visited list!
Adventure #2- I experienced a little bit of sea sickness for the first time ever.
Adventure #3- I loved the whole thing! Okay, that might not really be an adventure, but who cares!

Happy Friday!!!

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