My First Blog

I know, I know, everybody is getting a blog now-a-days. But that is not why I'm making one. Lately, life in Rexburg has been getting a little bit boring. My sweet cheeks (also known as John) works fulltime 8-5 Monday through Friday and I work sparatically and randomly. This leaves me at home all alone for long periods of time, which wouldn't be so bad except that we live in Rexburg and it's winter. Most of my friends are away for the semester, and the ones who are here are usually busy with school. Therefore I have nothing to do! For a while, I was satisfied with CSI, Law and Order SVU, America's Funniest Home Videos, and Ashton Kutchers Punk'd series on TV Guide, but the time has come for me to find something more productive to do with my time. This is where the blog idea came into play.

Facebook was another activity that was taking up a lot of my time and in course of browsing random friends pages, I started noticing the many of them have blogs. Some for family news, others for business or photography, and I thought, "Hey, why don't I have a blog?" I decided to get one, So I went to blogspot.com and started on the process. Then I got to the screen that asks you to choose a title for your blog and i panicked (Okay maybe I didn't panic, but I did sit there staring blankly at the screen for about 5 minutes). I was frantically trying to come up with something that I could write that would be somewhat interesting.

And then it came to me--Life. Yes sometimes my life seems mundane, and boring and repetitive, but that doesn't mean that it's not an adventure. So I'm going to write about what is going on in my life as often as I can, to prove to myself, and the world--not that I think much of the world will ever read it--that yes, my life is an adventure. In conclusion, this blog will not only help me to see why my life is amazing and fun, but it will be a sort of journal. Plus, I've been told since I was in third grade that I'm a fantastic writer. My 5th grade teacher, Miss Coray, was convinced that someday I would publish an exciting book that would make me famous. Come to think of it, I did get a 98/100 on my final upper level english paper last semester. Maybe my writing is worth something... I guess we'll find out won't we?

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