Sometimes it's hard working with tough clients. When my client isn't happy, than I'm not happy. I had my first unhappy client today, and don't worry, it wasn't really my fault that they were upset. We hadn't even started the design yet, we were just looking for templates.

But the important thing is that they weren't very happy. I could tell because there was a lot of speed talking going on in our phone conversation this morning. And it was hard for me to get a word in edgewise... I think I handled it pretty well though. It just stressed me out as I began designing, because I don't want to disappoint. I really hope they like my mockup:

What do you think? Will they like it? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? I think they might want me to add more Native American ish touches. Any tips on how you think I could do that?

P.s. I used a template as my guide for this website. Templates are cheaper, and they take less time, but you have to really use your imagination. [This link will show you what the template looked like before I customized it for the client.]


Steff said...

I love the colors and the overall layout! It's got a very clean and organized feel to it.

I feel like the sunflower should be a little more crisp though? Everything else is very clear and 'poppy' (as in every detail pops out at you haha) but the sunflower is too fuzzy!

Sara T. said...

Thanks Steff! I took the flower off of her book, for the draft. But it does look too fuzzy. I'll probably have to recreate it digitally for the final to make it more crisp!

Merry said...

I really like the little sunflowers in the background. And I like the mix of the yellow and the turquoise colors.