In church yesterday, one of the things we talked about was good books. Books are around for our entertainment, yes, but also for our learning. There is so much that we can learn from the experiences of others, and reading is a way to do that.

I've always loved to read, but I sort of go in sprees. I won't read anything for a few months, and then all of the sudden I remember that I actually miss reading, so then I read a bunch. It goes in cycles.

I'm in the middle of an off cycle right now, and the lesson at church reminded me that I want to start reading again. My favorite is fiction thrillers, but during this upcoming reading spree, I think I'm going to lean towards some more educational books. Books that will help me to become a better person, a better wife, and a better designer.

Books on my reading spree list:
"Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug [pictured above] – I've skimmed through this once, but it's a great read. It's got some great information on web usability, which will be helpful for my web design projects.

"Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage" by H Wallace Goddard. PhD – I skimmed this one too, but I need to study through it this time. It has tons of great advice on how to become a better marriage partner. Something I can definitely do! :]

"Speak Like Churchill Stand Like Lincoln" by James C. Humes – I was supposed to read this for a persuasion class a few semesters back, but it was a busy semester and I never got to it. I'll get to it now! [Don't worry, I still got a good grade in the class.]

What are you currently reading??


Merry said...

I am reading a couple of church books (the "Teachings of George Albert Smith" for RS, and "Preach My Gospel" with Dave), a couple of novels ("Taran Wanderer" and "Little Men") and "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes". And I think that my favorite is the Calvin and Hobbes! I last and enjoy it so much every day.

Sarah Faria said...

I go through cycles too and am currently in an off phase, but I want to start reading, "Teaching: No Greater Call," because I think it will help me with my primary class. I also want to re-read, "Fire In the Bones" by S. Michael Wilcox. It' s a biography about William Tyndale who first translated the Bible into English and the trials that he went through in his life to make sure that every one had access to the scriptures and not just the leadership of the church. It's an amazing book!! I highly recommend it!

Merry said...

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