Not the Best of Days

The last few days have been a little painful for me. I've woken up with splitting head aches, and jaw aches where I feel like my jaw is going to break into small pieces.

I have TMJ, and something about my new routine is making it worse than it has ever been. Before today, it was only my left jaw joint that was messed up, but this morning I woke up with both sides hurting. NOT GOOD! I can barely eat under these conditions.

Something else bad happened this past weekend to add to my misery. John and I went skiing.... The skiing part was a blast. But there is this thing that happens when you go skiing on a sunny day, and you don't put on sunscreen. You get a racoon eyed sun burn!

Yes, I was wearing goggles, because the sun was blinding if I didn't. Yes, there was a small line of skin showing in between the bottom of my hat and the top of my goggles. Yes,  the bottom half of my face was also exposed to the sun. And yes, my face got more sunburned than I think it has ever been before. And there is a random line of red on my forehead, and my lower cheeks are tomato red... Not to mention my sore red chin...

Painful and embarrassing.

On a happier note, John's momma is coming to visit. She is flying  in to Vegas this evening, so we are heading down after work. Party time!!

;] Don't worry, I'll be putting on my happy face for the rest of the day:

 I just had to vent a little. Hope you don't mind!

[p.s. These pictures were taken on Thursday, just before the sunburn incident. That's what my face use to look like!]


Anonymous said...

Your Face is still gorgeous, even if it is a "little" tomato red! Sorry about your TMJ....that hurts...
Love you, have fun in Vegas!

Cailey said...

Oh man that does not sound fun at all!!! Blogs are wonderful to vent on, lately I havent been good at blogging but I love reading! :D Have fun though!!! You deserve it!