A Photo A Day Keeps the Doctors Away!

I bought a really nice point and shoot camera a while back, so that I could take it with me everywhere. I had this goal to take at least one picture every day, to document my last semester in college.

I failed miserably at that goal. You probably know this, because if you click on the link above to the page that is called "Photos of the Day," you'll see a blank page.

I haven't written about it, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to doing one photo every day. I mean, my life is sort of boring some days... There is nothing exciting to photograph.

And then I said to myself, "Hello Sara! No matter how boring your life might be, there is always something to capture! It's the mundane that makes life beautiful, so capture the beauty of every day things." Don't worry, I don't talk to myself out loud very often........

So my goal this year is to take a picture every single day, minus Sundays [unless I feel like it].

I haven't decided if I'll post every single photo here on the blog–my plan is still a work in progress. But here are todays photos:

1&2: I met with the owner of Mishap Studios today [a designer my cousin knows], and I brought this booklet along with some of my other design work to show him. We had a great chat, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

3: I love long exposures! Plus, the deep blue sky, and the orange glow that the street light provides are awesome together. Go complimentary colors!

Side Question: Do you like my new watermark? If you aren't very familiar with cameras, it is an aperture [the hole that controls how much light comes through when you take a photo].


Cailey said...

OoooOo I do like the new aperture *good thing you told me what that was :)* Very good work! I love looking at your posts. Trust me I do! Post away! :) good luck with your goal!

Mark said...