Capturing Memories

Today I went for a walk and I brought my camera. I walked quite a ways, and found a cool old rusty truck in an empty lot. I grabbed my camera to take a photo, and then I realized that I didn't have the memory card! Ahhhh! I hate it when I forget important things.

So I didn't get any pictures. Instead of taking a new one, I decided to edit an old one instead. John's dad past away a couple years ago, and he doesn't have very many pictures of him. I decided to enhance one of them together, so that it can be printed and framed.

There are still more changes to be made, but it is definitely improving!

After Edits:

Before Edits:

One of the reasons I love photography, especially portraits, is because I am literally capturing memories. Photos like these can be cherished for generations by family members and friends! 

I'm so grateful to have been blessed with the ability to capture beautiful images, and to enhance them for the people I love.

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