Don't you just LOVE documentaries? John and I have been obsessed with them lately. I really enjoy them because I get to sit down, relax, and watch something. After I'm done I feel educated and empowered.

The most recent documentary we watched is on instant view on Netflix. It's called "Forks Over Knives" [to see website, click here]. It basically explores the idea that a plant based/whole grain diet is the best treatment for people with diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. They showed all sorts of proof that animal meat and milk are actually bad for us. I definitely recommend you all watch it! The documentary followed people who decided to try the diet, and they all lost weight, felt better, and often stopped taking chemical medicines to treat their problems.

After thinking it over, John and I have decided to cut most meat and dairy from our diets. We def. aren't just quitting cold turkey, because I'm pretty sure we would never last! On our last trip to the store, we didn't buy any cow milk or meat. We got mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread/pasta, rice, beans, etc. I'm excited to see how it will effect my body, and I'm hoping it will give me more energy!

Lately I've just been really disappointed with the doctors I've seen. They haven't really been able to help me. So I'm going to let nature have a go at fixing me. Wish me luck!

More Photos of the day:

Above: Just cookin' some rice!

In other news, I took a day trip up to Utah Valley. I saw one of my very best friends just before she entered the missionary training center. She's headed to California in a few weeks! I also surprised my family, because only my mom knew I was coming. :)

Here is a random photo I took of Val:

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Cailey said...

That is awesome! Healthy is good but is its hard too! Keep it up! We are trying to cut back on sugars and sodas and fast food that we love so much. right on! :) I almost watched that show the other day, but then got distracted. I'll have to make sure we do :)