Sara The Nerd!

During my second interview with the owner at Velocity Webworks, I got the feeling that he wished I was a little more nerdy. He's a programmer, and he came right out and asked if I thought I would be comfortable working with nerdy people who talk about things like star wars and Android. I told him that I've been called a nerd in the past, and that I like star wars, but I still don't know if he completely believed me.

After the interview, as I drove home, I realized that in the world of web design, you are expected to be nerdy. It comes with the territory. So I made a business decision to get my eyes checked again, and ordered some new glasses. I lost my old ones on a nighttime photo shoot this past summer, and have gone without them ever since. My eyes aren't super bad, I'm  just a little bit near sighted.

I went to the optometrist on my own, and tried on about 35 different frames. I finally found some that I liked. I don't know if they make me look totally nerdy, but they do make me look older and more professional.

Meet the new and improved nerdy/professional Sara:

It's like a double whammy: the glasses improve my marketability, AND they help me see things that are far away. I can see individual trees on the mountaintop, and the birds flying around in the sky are super sharp! It's so exciting. I don't have to squint to see street signs either.

Happy New Years! :]


Merry said...

I love your new glasses! I am going to get a new pair in the very near future, and I am thinking I need to cultivate my inner nerd image with a pair like those.

Sarah Faria said...

I love your new glasses!! But, I don't know how nerdy they actually make you look . . . it reminds me of spy shows where the hot girl goes undercover and wants to look like a scientist or some thing else really smart! However, that could be because Michael and I are really into the TV show "Alias" right now . . .

Cailey said...

Wow you look good in those glasses!!!! You look sophisticated (yes I had to look up the spelling of that word- sad I know), and very classy. I like them! wish I could pull off my glasses more. I just like contacts better, cuz I see better! :) I love them! haha I like what Sarah said!