Hello Adulthood

I think I'm officially an adult. Legally, I've been one for a while now, but it's like graduating college has given me this newfound independence/confidence. I'm so proud of what I have accomplished up to this point. I've come a long way the past few years.

Just in case you haven't seen these photos on facebook:

What makes me feel even more adultish is that we are now living in a house. And we have a spare bedroom/office with a spare bed in it! John's parents got us a full bed for our guest room as a graduation present. So come visit us, and you'll have a real bed to sleep on! :]

I spent most of the day yesterday updating my web portfolio design page. It features various design projects that I have worked on recently. I look back at all of my work and I get so excited for the future. I enjoy design so much, and right now I'm getting paid to do it! Getting paid to do something that I love has always been my goal. I've finally achieved it!

At the moment, I'm actually working freelance for a company called Velocity Webworks. They are based out of St. George, and they are an awesome company. The people I'm working with are great. The fact that I'm working for them freelance means that I get to work from home, which means I can wear pajamas to work! :]

I created a logo for one of their clients already, and I'm starting a website project next. It's so fun for me to work with clients and to make their plans become a reality. A well designed reality!

Anyway, I need to go grocery shopping [another grown up thing]! But I would love love love you if you would go check out my web portfolio, specifically the design pages. Tell me what you think about it. Especially tell me if you see something I can improve.

Click here to view my portfolio!


Geneil said...
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Geneil said...

I like it! Clean and really easy to find your way around.

I didn't have time to read everything carefully, but I did see two quick little editing things:
Product Redesign - the word you want instead of "wala" in your last paragraph is voilà (unless you spelled out the Americanized pronunciation on purpose, and in that case, never mind). :-)

Photo Logo - in the sentence "Eventually, I plan to take of the text, and just use the aperture icon," you'll want to change "of" to "off."

Beautiful work. :-)

Sara T. said...

Thanks Geneil! I'll get those fixed!