Knitting Hats is Easy!

John and I were in the middle of a big move, so Christmas presents for family members took the back burner. We are finally settled down enough to start figuring out what to get everyone. We decided to make hats for our niece and nephew. I finished this one for our niece today, and I'm pretty proud of it:

I bought circular knitting needles last Christmas, thinking, "Oh, I want to knit a hat for my brother!" And I tried it a few times, but always messed up and ruined everything.  I got so frustrated that I put away my yarn and needles and forgot about them.

This year, I realized that I could use a circular loom instead of needles, and get basically the same turnout–without all the head aches. Yay!!! So I bought some cheap looms and got started. It only took a couple hours to see the final product. Now that's my kind of project.

[Don't worry Mark, your hat is next on the list. Better late than never... Right?]

I'm also planning to make one for myself, only it will be a solid color, with some sort of yarn flower sewn on. I feel so crafty!

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Sarah Faria said...

Cute, it looks great! By the way, I think you'll enjoy living in Cedar City. I liked it the year I was there. I also really loved the fact that St. George was less then an hour away! There's so much great stuff down there and I think you'll find some really pretty, scenic places for pictures! In fact, I can't wait to see your photo shoots because it's so pretty!