Self Promotions

Is it just me, or does everyone have trouble designing for themselves? When I tutor or critique others, I feel like I have so many more ideas and suggestions. It's like I automatically know what looks good, what looks bad, and how to improve things to help others. But when I'm designing for myself, like say a portfolio cover image, or business cards, I get lost...

I worked all morning on the two things listed above, and finally got fed up with the process. So I went to Alphagraphics and printed them! I think I'm happy with the final turn out, but I probably could have done better. Ah well. Maybe next time I'll pretend like I'm doing it for someone else?

Here is a look at my self promotional projects. Don't worry, I'll be taking them to Photoshop World with me! :)

So... you like?


Mark Dee said...

Beautiful work!! There is nothing better then prints. The images really come to life once they're in physical form.

Geneil said...

I think the portfolio looks good--clean, professional, and the pictures inside show your photographic range.

But I love--LOVE--those business cards!!

I think that designing for yourself as if you were a client is a really good idea. I'm going to try that for myself, too. :-)

Anna said...

You are so talented. When I look at your pictures I feel as if I am there seeing, living and breathing in that moment you captured. It all looks so good. You truly are talented! Maybe if I am in Utah when I get engaged someday over the rainbow I will have you take my engagements for me? haha not like I am planning on it anytime soon, but you know I love the idea!

You truly are an amazing person. Love you tons!


Vanessa said...

They are pretty freakin amazing! :D I Love it! I love the cards, the pictures... It is all very amazing! When I have a restaurant you will be my photographer! Kay!! :D

Merry said...

I think that your business cards are amazing! I learned about document design in one of my master's classes, and you've got all of the right design aspects in there!

Baylen + Mariana said...

Sara, I love!
It's so funny cause I feel the same way. I'm super creative til I need it myself..what is that? We should team up again like in yearbook..we were good together :)

Cailey said...

Wow I think you've done such a perfectly good job!!! Take in everyone's comments. You are perfessionally great at what you do and I really see you going far!