Just Savoring The Last of Summer

There has been a chill in the air lately, but today has been such a beautiful day. I got to school a little early this morning, and I didn't even need a jacket. I was loving the sun on my skin, and so I decided to stay outside and enjoy it while it lasts. Don't worry, I busted out my new point-and-shoot camera to test it out and to capture some of the things that made me smile.

[Side note: There will be a whole post coming up soon. It will be all about my new camera and what I plan to do with it :]

I know, I'm getting spoiled. Be prepared to see pictures of snow next week. "When in Rexburg, prepare for the worst..." That's my motto!


tara said...

i want to frame the 3rd picture down on my wall. so so beautiful.

Cailey said...

Ahh some very pretty pictures!!! :D

Merry said...

I LOVE the end of summer and beginning of fall, and feeling lucky to not need a jacket. We won't get that here in Nevada for a while, but I'm looking forward to it.