Tonight, I started the dreaded blog re-design. It's been the same forever, and I got really sick of the old heading. So here's to a new and improved Life. Photography. Adventure!

At the moment, the tabs are mostly empty, but I'll be adding content soon. Anyone know how to modify and adjust tabs? I swear blogger loves to mess with my alignments!

Even though right now my blog isn't getting a HUGE readership, [which I'm okay with, btw] I figure I'll make it look more professional. I'll make it look like it is getting lots of readers, and then maybe the readers will come. A little self fulfillment prophecy? Possibly.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? You like the new look?

Time for bed :)

P.S. There isn't really a photo to go with this post, but the page looks weird without one, so here's a gem from way back when my love for just was just barely beginning to grow a tiny blossom:

Aren't we so cuuuuuute? :]


Steff said...

I like it! It's nice to have simple, clean colors.

(Side note: should 'Photo's of the Day' be 'Photos'? I don't think it should be possessive, right? Maybe I'm wrong!)

Sara T. said...

Yep... It's late! Haha. Thanks Steffani!

Cailey said...

:o) I like the bold colors, its coming along just fine! :D And yes def cute picture of you two!

Merry said...

Looks great! Did you edit the html of the blog yourself?