15 More Minutes


It's something that most of us take for granted.

I haven't been completely healthy in a long time. I haven't written much about it, because I don't like to dwell on the negative. But my thyroid is all whacked up, and my heart has some issues as well. I've switched doctors about 5 times because none of them knew what to do with me.

I went to see a specialist [endocrinologist] last week, and he acted like he knew exactly what was going on, and told me to go down a road I've already been down before. It didn't really work last time, but he is convinced it will work this time.

Last time it helped the situation for a couple months, but in the end it made things worse instead of better [I'm not just going off of how I felt, I'm going off of blood test results, so it wasn't just all in my head, promise].

I made him do a bunch of tests that he thought were unnecessary, because he was so sure he knew what my problem was. I'm still waiting for him to call me back to discuss my test results...

Sometimes I wish doctors wouldn't act like they know everything when they really don't. Maybe I would trust them a little more. But maybe he is right. Maybe it will work this time.

I've been taking synthroid [little white pills] for a week now. They don't really have any side effects, which is great. The only problem is, I have to take them in the morning an hour before I eat anything.

Eating is usually the first thing I do after I wake up. I hate waiting! Usually I go back to sleep after I take it so I'm not conscious of my hunger, but I couldn't fall back to sleep this morning. When I started writing this post, I had fifteen minutes left before I could eat.

Now I have three. :]

I like to have photos in every post. This one isn't really related to this post, but it's a good memory. I've been missing my family a little bit lately, so here's a fun photo of me with my sisters in good old California:


Baylen + Mariana said...

Hun, I am so sad to hear that you are not in good health. I will keep you in my prayers & hope things work out. I know exactly what you mean about doctors though, all that schooling makes 'em no-it-alls (small joke haha) & they think we're too stupid to know anything. Grr! I hope you get better! I love you!!

Steff said...

Oh my, I know all about the stupid endocrinologists who act like they know exactly what's up when they really don't! I take meds for my thyroid as well now!

Merry said...

Well, I hope they can figure it out eventually. Be tough! Make him listen when he wants to act smart! You can do it!